Anthony and Adrian Morrison – Brothers in Harms

Anthony and Adrian Morrison

“Debbie? Oh, Hi! Christopher Bartold here, the account manager with the [Anthony Morrison’s] Success Team,” an auspicious voice on the line tells the 56 years old secretary, “we want to put you in a position where you can take the next twenty, thirty years of your life and be able to enjoy things and not having to worry about money.”

Debbie didn’t know that once she had ordered the Anthony Morrison’s book “Advertising Profits from Home” after watching his sly smile on a late night infomercial, her private information would be haggled and bartered to the highest boiler room bidder.

After about an hour of pressuring, urging and beguiling, Chris nefariously persuaded Debbie to “invest” a few thousands of her hard-labored money in her “future,” money that would never return to her. Ca-Ching! Chris just padded the pockets of Anthony Morrison with the sorrow and misery of another “satisfied” customer.

This is Anthony Morrison. He’s not some extraordinary young man, he’s not just some quirky infomercial figure and he is certainly not a Hidden Millionaire that conceals secret success concoctions. He’s just a class-A hustler, hunting for the next susceptible target.

Baby face Anthony has released three science-fiction books about topics which by all means he is not qualified or educated or experienced to write about: The Hidden Millionaire, Advertising Profits From Home and Automated Profits From Home. All of them aggrandize the wile of easy & rapid & automated profits to decoy those who are credulous enough to trust the untrustworthy.

Wispy bristle face Anthony also maintains a video blog where everybody can view his wretched words gushing out directly from his bent features. One of his most recent video posts he dubbed “Please Help Me:”

Anthony desires to cognize how many gullible folks are out there willing to pay for subjects of their choice. Keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter if Anthony knows shit about those subjects… it’s not like he knows shit about shit anyways! Besides, being utterly oblivious about a certain matter never halted Anthony from “teaching” it before.

Subsequently to his revelation on Christmas that he celebrated 30 frigid winters, Anthony has reminisced about the passing year. There I discovered that momma Morrison had spawned another sinister sibling into their clan. Hello Adrian Morrison!

Even though Adrian has apparently only erupted to the World Wide Web (with his own frauduct) on some dreary day in 2011 and didn’t accomplish anything whatsoever, he already trumpeted himself as an Internet entrepreneur, a self-made millionaire, a mentor, a specialized marketer and more and more and more. As big brother Anthony taught him, the truth shouldn’t encumber one’s affirmations even if one is just an underachieving oaf.

Adrian has discharged two grotesque books that are enigmatically similar to Anthony’s get-rich-forever-and-ever narrative: Fast Track To Commissions and Social Media Profits From Home. Don’t be surprised if some slimy boiler room representative will call you after acquiring one of Adrian’s perpetual enriching books.

The prodigal brother Adrian claims he founded two companies (Opulence Media, LLC and Media M, LLC) that “represents and drives traffic for some of the biggest brand names across the world today” but the only minutiae I found were two empty companies with no clients, nor traffic. It seems that they were solely created for the purpose of glorifying and magnifying Adrian’s non-existed reputation.

Another delicious fact about Adrian’s boggy online activity that I’ve discovered, is his involvement with the promotion of dubious casino and gambling sites through domains like, and Oops.

The Morrison brothers don’t intend and neither capable of teaching you any method, formula or “secret” that will magically lift those precious numbers in your bank account. Through clammy grimaces and self-ennoblement tales, they lurk, prowling for the naive and callow. Preying on those who yearn for the auspicious voice on the other side of the line.

  • clear skies

    This is retarded how people are so quick to call others a scam. I have learned a lot of great information from Adrian.

  • 2013

    I still do not see how Anthony or his brother rip people off?? I know one thing is for sure about the Morrrison Clan, They are very nice people.