Quora Shows Who’s Available for Quick Answer with “Online Now”

Quora Square LogoQuora fascinates me. It shifted this whole old Q&A Web concept to the new Internet age where social networking is stirred with anything from everything. Quora enables users to swiftly ask and respond to questions with all the familiar social media elements such as follow, comment, share and like (thank).

Now, Quora wants to burnish and gloss its mechanism so users will be able to receive answers even quicker.

The social Q&A service has introduced a new small meaningful feature into the Ask to Answer suggestions box (that points at users which supposedly are astute about the topic) when posting a question. The feature, named “Online Now,” displays to the inquirer who are… online now.

Quora Online Now

The logic behind Online Now is rather plain. Folks who are connected at the very moment to the network (through the website or the mobile app) are clearly far more reachable for immediate answer at the given moment. Thus, approaching them will drastically increase the chances of attaining a quick reply.

Obviously, there’s a lot also depends on Quora’s Ask to Answer algorithm that supposed to analyze and classify the best “candidates” for the specific question, an issue that Quora’s Joel Lewenstein states they have also polished (thank you “Embedded Quotes”):

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If you are a fervent Quora user but you’re worry about your privacy, don’t fret, you can simply opt-out your visibility status on the settings page. In any event, users’ online status only purported to show up on the Ask to Answer suggestions box.

This time, Quora doesn’t take any privacy risks and allows users a full control over the Online Now feature. Just as a reminder, the service has been entangled with a loud clamor after the launch of its Views feature and eventually had to limit it.

Anyhow, the fully controlled Online Now can certainly offer users a rapid response when time plays a significant role (isn’t it always?). It especially relevant nowadays as more people are looking for hasty answers on-the-go through their mobile devices, and furnish Quora with one more advantage over competing services such as Yahoo Answers.