Blekko’s ROCKZi Allows Publishers to Embed Social Content

ROCKZi LogoBlekko brags it is a spam-free search engine and to improve its free-of-spam search results Blekko launched ROCKZi, a social networking news site, back in July. Through ROCKZi, Blekko intends to gather social signals which will be used to refine the search algorithm.

But if the social network won’t be popular enough and people aren’t sharing, liking and generally engaging with the platform sufficiently, the network’s social signals will be inadequate for the search engine. It’s all about scale, and the good folks in Blekko knows that. ROCKZi needs a widely engaged user-base for Blekko to exert it.

And if broad distribution required, a broad distribution option shall be granted.

Perhaps inspired by Twitter’s embeddable Timelines, ROCKZi also now allows publishers to embed content from the platform into their own sites. It means that ROCKZi’s contents can now potentially be found anywhere on the web for users to see and (as Blekko wishes) to engage with.

For publishers, it’s possible to embed ROCKZi’s boards and even individual profiles. Simply look for the </> embed button under boards/profiles or enter directly the embed feature to customize (width, height, colors) the content from ROCKZi you wish to publish on your site. Here’s an example of the embeddable ROCKZi’s Working Home Guide board:

What is pretty awesome about the embeddable boards is that when a user is sharing them on other social networks (Facebook and Twitter), the link is redirected back to the publisher’s page and not to ROCKZi. Meaning that site owners will collect the traffic, which is kinda chivalrous move by Blekko’s team.

Over the passing year, Blekko’s traffic has surged into record numbers. Some of its ongoing success is also being accredited to the somewhat discontent of users from the quality of search results of the major search engines, mostly Google’s, which still struggles with integration of social signals to the search algorithm whereas it yet predominantly based on web links.

Blekko is evidently trying to breach this social-search barrier that others haven’t crossed. To obtain this ambitious goal, Blekko doesn’t play miserly and appears to invest a lot of resources on building a thriving social service. I hope they’ll succeed, god knows we need more competition in search.