Frank Kern vs Empower Network

Frank Kern vs Empower NetworkNow this is quite hilarious. If even the Godfather of Scamworld himself publicly and openly calls your appalling MLM racket a scam … it means that your appalling MLM racket is one gigantic super-duper-uber motherfucking scam. And that you are a pretty stupid scammer.

Apparently, Frank Kern not likey Empower Network so much … nope, not at all.

Dear Empower Network and iPas2 affiliates who are using my image to advertise on Facebook:

STOP LYING TO PEOPLE by implying that I endorse your “opportunity”.

I do not. I think it is an embarrassment to the community and a major target for regulatory action.

For anyone who give a d@mn:

Not only do I not endorse this, I openly OPPOSE it.

I support people working hard and making a living but this is about as compliant as a meth lab (in my unsubstantiated opinion) and I want nothing to do with it.

So – if you keep using my image to BLATANTLY LIE to people with your implied endorsement, your puny commission checks will go straight to your legal defense fund.

O … M … F … G. It’s kinda like the tragic Persian tale of Rostam and Sohrab … only without all the sad parts!

I don’t think you can mistakenly mistake here … because it’s unmistakably unmistakable. Frank Kern, pretty much straightforward, Facebookly declares that Empower Network is a scam. Why? Not because of his (nonexistent) gushing magnanimous altruism, mind you … but because he realizes how horribly unsubtle the Empower Network fraud is, and Franky doesn’t wish to be there when the Feds will come knockin’.

Empower Network’s David Wood, the guy whose soul is even dirtier than his thinning hair, is (was?) a huge aficionado of Frank Kern. David even defended Frank’s null and void honor when it seemed that everybody in the world was laughing at him. So he tried to be like him. But, unlike old-school trickster Frank, David is sort of a blunderous nincompoop who doesn’t understand the meaning of cunning (literally).

During the ultra-hyped launch of Empower Network’s new ridiculous blogging platform that nobody ever uses, “The Blog Beast” (seriously, you just cannot make these idiotic things up), David and his harem of crime dared to mock Frank’s (now pretty deceased) old cartel, the Internet Marketing Syndicate.

Oh David … if you only knew how to read, you might have understood what hubris is. And more importantly, the eventual price you pay for it.

  • j4all

    EN is the biggest scam and all those mlms are scams. Where is the regulators in all this is beyond me.

    • Julie Dujardin

      I would love to sit with the regulators and help speed up their progress in spotting it. Inflated earnings should NOT be allowed in ads or headlines.

  • Dr kennedy

    Look out for this guy omri Shebat, he’s a known child molester. There is pictures that prove this online.

    • Omri Shabat

      Hi again, infuriated scammer!

      I’m really happy to see how irrationally silly I’ve made you. See you soon!

      • Hey asshole

        Hey douche, frank kern is richer, better looking and more intelligent than you could ever dream of. Let’s see lajolla ca vs suicide bomberland where you are from, no wonder you are so bitter, lol

  • Julie Dujardin

    Thanks for being brave, Omri, cuz we all know the hate that can get flung at us by the EN zombies who haven’t snapped outa it yet, it is something to be fearless of.
    Highlighting and speaking out what’s happened & happening there …
    I think you were lost in there at one point with me—right?
    we all need to report the truths we experienced and see because these mongers don’t deserve grandma’s money or anymore low income parents precious family time wasted on their faux products and phoney stories and personas.
    Anyone with dreams in their heart belongs in their heart
    and not in the hands of these hyenas.
    Newbie ENers can be sloppy and rabid.
    The truth we speak will help free those who are ready to stop hurting
    themselves in there for others, it will sink in over time and help them later.
    The greedy crossed a line and I’m not sure if they can ever come back to truth and sanity. It’s possible but tell you what I would never trust any of those top “leaders” ever again from what I know that they know about EN and how they carouse and lasso people in.

    • Steve Thomas

      Julie, I couldn’t agree with you more.

      You sound like my kinda lady :)

  • Julie Dujardin

    BTW here’s a copy of what announcement was made in a paniced response
    to Frank Kern’s post.

    “”This is a bit of a INTERNET

    Several days ago there was a well known Internet marketer who posted

    here on FB about someone using his face in an ad and he wanted to make

    clear he wasn’t a part of our company. He went on to say some other
    as well about our company, which may or may not have been
    appropriate or
    fair to say – but they’re his opinions and he’s free to
    say what he wants on his wall. I’m ok with that and have nothing but
    love for him.

    *I want to first say it’s ILLEGAL to use anyone’s name, face or
    trademarked items to advertise anything that’s not your own.
    So whoever
    posted the ad was in the wrong, and as far as I know was dealt with
    our companies compliance department.
    I don’t endorse that kind of
    marketing, I think it’s wrong,
    and we as a community need to STOP it –

    In addition to saying that,
    here’s my ‘solution oritented’ proposition
    to our community:

    Let’s hold each other accountable. Let’s police ourselves.
    Let’s elevate
    the standard for which we market and do business.

    We don’t need to claim perfection, just progress.

    We need to raise our standards as a community and start treating this
    like the profession it really is.
    We need to stop tearing each other
    down, and start building each other up.

    For example…our company has a compliance department that is steadily
    growing and getting bigger and better every day…because we want to run
    a legal and ethical business…but we have tens-of-thousands of
    They do their best every day to keep the internet clean of
    but the rest is up to us. It’s just like how the cops can’t
    arrest every person who steals candy from the store.

    Our society – and our Internet marketing community – exists
    and DEPENDS
    on us educating our people and holding each
    other accountable for our

    If you see someone doing
    something illegal or unethical online, shoot
    them an email or a
    private message here on FB and tell them what they’re
    doing wrong.
    It only takes a quick minute and it makes a huge
    which is what most of us want to do in this business,
    anyway –
    impact people in a positive way.

    It’s easy to point the finger.
    It’s also easy to be a hypocrite and tear
    someone down….
    in some cases for something you once may have done in
    your own business.
    It’s takes a leader who wants the best for everyone
    to take an extra minute and look out for the better good of our entire
    community and take a small step of action to hold someone accountable
    for their behavior.

    Every time I’ve reached out to someone who’s doing something wrong,
    quickly fix it.

    This community needs more of the same thing the world needs.
    Less people
    pointing the finger and more people doing something about the problem.

    Working together we CAN make a difference.
    Who’s in?””

  • Julio

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  • Moo Moo Roy

    They’re busy arresting pot dealers, meth heads and other nonviolent drug offenders who don’t aim to hurt anyone. Not to mention busting prostitution rings and other victimless crimes. Then we gotta spend all those billions and lose over4,000 of our own troops for some jive-ass war to take out a Lil’ punk that was on OUR take with some made-up bullshit about “weapons of mass destruction”. You wanna talk about a scam bro….let’s discuss one George W. Obama. Workin’ together for PNAC and the NEW WORLD ORDER Baby!

  • Jason Waite

    EN is the shit. I mean it DEFINATELY is not perfect, but it is an empowerment vehicle. The training alone is worth it, NOT counting the commisions, which of course little to no money make money. But in my opinion I think it’s just because the industry doesn’t offer funnels that offer enough upsells and opportunities to make higher amounts of money. But who am I to judge? David Wood makes money, and so do alot of other online marketers, so unless your making the amount of money your wanting to make, I don’t think the criticism is just. David is an awesome dude. And he geniuenly cares about people. Massive love for David Wood.

  • madethatway

    Well said, Omri.

    These slime bags openly brag about their illegal pyramid scheme being ‘MLM’ – which it’s not.

    MLM’s have actual products to sell; EN do not, EN (aka iPas2) use a lot of words and label them ‘products’ in order to keep illicitly obtaining hundreds of thousands of dollars from the gullible and the desperate. You cannot package words as ‘products’ unless you’re a publishing house publishing novels.

    They wrongly believe that protects them from being labelled a ‘pyramid scheme’ by law, but in reality, it doesn’t, and I’m more than certain a massive international class action isn’t too far away, so those who are smart, will abandon them like the stinking, sinking, ship they are.

    Whoever their legal team are (if they even have a legal team), then they’re either a sandwich short of a full picnic, as well, or they’re secretly working against EN in order to bring them down.