No Lion, Just Ass

Lyoness- Scam from HellLyoness … a fucking horrid pyramid scheme … the end.

Okay, maybe a little more … but just a little because it’s Christmas week and nobody wants to upset Santa with all sorts of stupid scams (and because GlancingWeb has a few University papers it needs to write).

Like other cool annexations, Lyoness started its soul-leeching journey in Austria and like other beastly lunatics, it was founded by an Austrian-born scumbag called Hubert Freidl. “Wait, wait, WAIT!!” says you horrified and shocked, “You just CANNOT compare those MLM frauds to the Nazis!! Those are, like, the freakin’ NAZIS!!”

Well, not only that I can and I have, but I am also not even the first one to do so …

Self-evidently, the addictive lie of group superiority that controls the personalities and behaviour of ‘Lyoness’ core-adherents is essentially the same as the addictive lie which has controlled the personalities and behaviour of all core-adherents of pernicious cults including: ‘Scientology’, ‘The 2nd Ku Klux Klan’, ‘Amway’, ‘Herbalife’, ‘Xango’, etc. and even the ‘Nazi Party.’

It’s all the same cult-crap propaganda … but rather than wielding it for political gain, Lyoness (as other criminal MLM rackets) is executing its brainwash to gratify the rapacious narcissistic commercial whims of Führer Freidl.

But I’m probably just another hater of Lyoness (alongside all those totally pestering European authorities) who doesn’t really understand the miraculous Lyoness’ system of forever-and-a-day liberating riches. Why listen to me if all you have to do to relish this eternal abundance is to plainly buy yourself into the equivalent of Jack’s super-fun savage tribe … just look how wonderfully it turns out for Simon and Piggy who start just like you!

On the other hand, though, here what happens when the veteran MLM researcher of BehindMLM encounters Lyoness:

I added Lyoness to my review list and when the time came went over their site to start my research.

A few hours and a massive headache later, I closed my browser window and gave up. I concluded that Lyoness had put so little thought and effort into the coherency of explaining their business, that it simply wasn’t worth my time to try to understand the business model.

Confusing and incomprehensible business model … kinda sounds like a hallmark of one of those things that rhyme with “cyanamid scream” which the SEC warns against. But the SEC folks are probably also just a bunch of negative haters and besides, who really cares if the whole business structure of the company is more baffling than Dexter’s finale (a bearded lumberjack?! WTF?!)?

Ultimately, there’s only one thing people give a shit about …



Yeah, no … that’s not going to happen.

[A]fter taking the average expenses into consideration, every participant (except for the top 0.35-0.55%) loses a considerable amount of money each year, even if the down-payments are not taken into consideration.

Over 99% failure rate … ouchies.

But let’s not dwell on morose and depressing matters such as the manipulative systematic pillage of uncountable naive believers for the sake of one parasitic Hubert Freidl. Here’s a joyous moment of respite from some Canadian Dragons’ Den (don’t worry, Canadians only breed affable dragons), brought to you by the sham of a scheme that is … Lyoness.


The entire essence of Lyoness can be summarized with one rhetorical question of one humorously astonished Dragon – “Is that a pyramid scheme?” GlancingWeb laughed … and then it lamented a bit as any other personified blog with a sense of morality would.

Lyoness … a fucking horrid pyramid scheme … the end.

  • kschang

    Lyoness is a hybrid pyramid / shopping loyalty program where you can build up positions (“accounting units” in Lyoness-speak) on the matrix through either “shopping credits” or direct purchase (i.e. just buy the position outright).

    The problem is all their promoters have a ‘willfully blind eye’ (much like the apocryphal Horatio Nelson story) toward the “buy a position” component, and only look at the shopping part. The best excuse they have is “but you don’t *have* to buy any…”

  • david

    hahahahhaha complete wrong information. this person is just gettin paid for adds for you clicking on his page. do your own research and this site will help you out.

    [Edit: Lyoness’ propaganda site omitted]

    • Omri Shabat

      Hi “David,”

      So Lyoness has set a propaganda site where it pretends to reveal “the truth”? A great sign of legitimacy!

      Oh, and I didn’t realize I’m “gettin paid for adds” … I must be super-rich by Lyoness’ standards because it stupid and doesn’t make any sense at all (just as Lyoness likes it).

  • Not retarded.

    LOL, fucking hilarious. I think a 12 year old can write better than this guy. NO legitimate argue what so ever. This guy literally googled “lyoness scam” and just posted the first things he saw. Pick up a book fucktard, you are not worthy of any journalism or blogging.