Joe Lanny – Misogynist. Scammer. Criminal.

Jeff Lenney's crime on the recordNobody really likes Joe Lanny.

Jeff is gracelessly dumb, too artificially ingratiating himself to his dark superiors and when he’s not occupied with all sorts of stupidities and groveling, he’s incredibly offensive to women because he got way too many unresolved mommy issues. Joe just has this unpleasant nature that makes you contemplate on Thich Quang Duc after spending more than two minutes with him.

This is why Joe Lanny will always be just a B-team scammer … this and because word on the street is that he suffers from a severe case of halitosis. Allegedly.

Here is Joe Lanny, chivalrous as usual, “educating” his all-phallus email list what to do if God forbid one of them has a female friend:

…if you have a female friend in your life who only sees you as her “good friend” or worse…

If She treats you like a brother, then use this to finally be able to get her into bed:

===> Click Here [sexist link omitted]

The best part is she’ll think it was HER idea.

It’s okay, she’s just a girl … it’s not like she’s human or anything.

In the Land of Bilk and Money it’s mandatory to obtain a fake social proof from the wannabe’s swindling peers in order to accomplish a fruitful conning harvest, because standing by oneself and exclaiming self-applauding proclamations alone is pretty embarrassingly pitiful … and nobody really likes Joe Lanny.

Joe Lanny did try to partner up with Jamie Lewis in 2011 with a little infernal scam called Commission Inferno, but even a super-chauvinist like Jamie (who is behind classic frauducts such as Do It On The First Date) couldn’t stand Joe’s misogynistic character for too long. So lonesome Joe returned back to his regularly scheduled objectification of women programming.

Without any friends to falsify an expert image for him, it appears that Joe’s decided to create it all be himself on himself, with hideous tattoos all over his creepy body. Or perhaps Joe is just addicted to the pain of the drawing needle that temporarily numbs his chronic psychological pain which evokes the desire of hurting others as well. Or maybe he just has a fetish for ugly tattoos.

Anyway, nobody really likes Joe Lanny and no one even wants to talk about him. Not even me. At least not until Joe has made one fatal mistake.

Few weeks ago, I’ve noticed that another negative SEO attack (number #3!) had been executed against GlancingWeb. “Someone” had leased a few hirelings to spam the web with junk links back to GlancingWeb so Google would degrade the rankings of this awesome anti-evil website. The problem for “Someone” is that I got to one of his online mercenaries … and he generously sent me screenshots of his communication with Mr. Someone who had pretended to be me.

Why, hello there, Joe Lanny! You’d be glad to hear that you had violated the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, on which the punishment for such an offense (given the current circumstances) can reach up to 15 years in prison! OMG how stupid does that make you feel right now (to be fair, you were always that stupid)?

The reason why Joe initiated this pathetic SEO attack, to which I have no wish to engage whatsoever (I only nonviolently fight REAL fights), is because I’ve been impaling many of the criminal activities.

After I contacted the person whom Joe had hired, he asked from Joe some evidences that he’s indeed the owner of the site … and when Joe couldn’t procure those, all that was left for him was to beg that his identity wouldn’t be revealed to me (as it appears on the screenshot at the top) …

I also kindly ask that you don’t give that person Omri any of MY information as he will spread hate and lies about me like he does with many other people

If only Joe wouldn’t have been such a dimwit maybe he would have understood how idiotically ironic this whole sentence is. But the duplicity doesn’t end there … on Joe’s moronic Empower Network blog he pretends to expose scams, but only to pitch his own scams thereafter.

Ummm, so I guess you are a hateful person only if you don’t supply other supplementary frauds of your own? The people must always receive their regular dosage of chicanery and the soulless d-bag must always collect his blood money commission! Hypocrite much?

See you on the search results, Joe! (Oh, and nobody really likes you.)

  • Creeped

    On twitter he pushes a dubious software of downloading pornography. He is a disgusting human being.