Anik Singal Presents Joe Vitale

Anik Singal & Joe Vitale Feed ProsperDon’t you love reunions? You once again reconvene with your old pack and laugh about how stupid your haircuts once were. You all point out how, unlike any silly teenage movie, the cool awesome kids are still cool and awesome today while the lame ones … continue to be lame.

Good times, good times.

If this is your first time here, then know (or just keep on reading) that this is so not the type of website that features asinine articles about gooey class reunions … no. Here, the reunions are more like … how shall I put it? Like a horrid secretive gathering in Hell, where all its partakers are demons who conspire to perpetrate some atrocities together.

Wicked times, wicked times.

Anik Singal and Joe Vitale are both feeding the boiler room monster Prosper. They reap people’s personal contact information (“leads”) in any way they can, and then supply those leads to the boiler room so the monster will gobble all of the victims’ available funds. Anik and Joe obviously receive their share of the loot, whereas the prey remains only with contemplations about suicide. Fun.

So wouldn’t it be just natural that the two succubi cartelize in order to jointly promote their evil self(ish) agendas? Not that they really ask you or anything … for them, you are just another walking wallet with untapped credit up for grabs.

Funny story … two Hormel Foods’ Classic cans are sitting at a bar. One can is saying to the other: “Boy, that Anik Singal guy is the spammiest spammy piece of spam I ever seen in my entire spamonious life!” And then everybody is dying of toxic spamation poisoning. LOL!

Discovered: Law of Attractions 3 long-missing “keys” – Joe Vitale’s latest discovery is shaking the “Law of Attraction” to its core… while making even the most hardened skeptics re-think the way they look at the science behind “The Secret”…

Says Anik in just one out of the innumerable messages he pollutedly submits into the world … in which his own wisdumb of what science is, coincides with that of Scamworld’s cadet Mario Brown. Apparently, there’s a general understanding amongst charlatans that science is in fact nescience … close, but pretty much completely the other way around.

What Anik is actually promoting here is Joe Vitale’s latest lead generator scam, “The Secret Mirror.” The product itself is nothing more than a sifting device to target the susceptible who would be more prone to unaware exploitation.
Joe Vitale's The Secret Mirror Manipulation

Perhaps you visualize something … a new car, a better job, the house of your dreams. So powerfully it felt real to you and still it never manifested in your life. Maybe you felt like some unseen force is sabotaging your success, leaving you with a few tastes of abundance while your biggest goals slip through your fingers.

Says the manipulative obese bastard Joe Vitale while sad music is being played in the background of a devious video. The Secret Mirror is just a hunk of virtual junk by the stinkiest fat skunk. Its one and only purpose is to nefariously produce more leads to the cataclysmic boiler room Prosper. That is why whenever you’ll desperately attempt to close this frauduct’s web page, The Secret Mirror’s price will go down … twice.

What Anik and Joe really greedily covet can be found in one of the clauses that the unfamiliar consumer agrees upon when buying The Secret Horror:

Providing your telephone number and submitting this form is your digital signature consenting Joe Vitale and Prosper to contact you by telephone and email.

Hey, you were vulnerable enough to acquire a grotesque piece of crap so why not inflict on you some more (and as much as possible) financial and emotional anguish?

It’s kinda like how this utterly disagreeable person Mr. Wickham had not only ran off with Mr. Darcy’s little sister and then spread all those wrongful rumors about him, but afterwards also ran off with Elizabeth’s sister too (you don’t fuck with Lizzy, man!)! And equivalently to the fictitious Mr. Wickham, Anik Singal and Joe Vitale are getting away with it as well.

But everything is cool … Anik is cool … Joe is cool … we are all just a cool happy bunch!

Great. While selling people to the Prosper inferno, the scumbags are giving dopey awards to each other (and possibly an occasional Old Fashioned).

Those are the kinds of scammy reunions that me no likey … but that’s probably just because I’m a “hater” who needs to be silenced so gangs of psychopaths would shamelessly go on with all the pillage and plunder.