Tracey Walker’s Secret Secrets to Fake Online Success

Tracey Walker Promotes a Black HoleIt seems that some things simply don’t change … Einstein is still so irritatingly right, tumult in the Middle East is still so horribly rampant (fuck you, Bashar!) and even though we might consume them differently, books are still so awesome!

It seems that some things simply don’t change … the same d-bags still plunder consumers with their unruly pyramid schemes … pyramid schemes such as Empower Network.

After I pwnd Empower Netcult’s top marauders Vick Strizheus and Tony Rush I wanted to focus more on the enormities of the pyramid’s oafish founders David Wood & David Sharpe. However, recent unfortunate mainstream media blunders have led me to another EN brigand … Tracey Walker.

Funny (/morbid) thing about pyramid schemes … almost all the cash always floats to the top, so that the fistful of gorged gluttons can sustain their profligate lives off the hard work of others. Tracey Walker is this special kind of victim muncher.

Although nobody really knows what on seven hells Tracey Walker is exactly doing on the internet (because her websites generate almost no traffic), every month she’s right there on the EN’s leaderboard collecting those big checks. Thank you fake 100% commissions pass up system, Tracey couldn’t have done it without you!

But obviously EN’s top douchebaghood can’t let the sheeple realize that Tracey is just an invisible gravitational nothingness so they all refer to her as a badass marketing expert … because they are all just a bunch of kowtowing cowering sniveling lying wussies.

Here are some of Tracey’s professional milestones:

  • Tracey was fired from her job in 2002 and was sooooo happy about it!
  • Somewhere in between 2005 to 2006, Tracey had the awesomest real estate business ever until it suddenly became the lousiest real estate business ever and she lost her entire ass(ets).
  • In 2007, Tracey joined the network marketing industry and for a few years she reigned supreme as the unofficial Queen of Failuredom.
  • Along the network marketing highway to hell, Tracey hitched herself to Daegan Smith (nice reviews about him here and here) from whom she apparently learned that in order to succeed in the “industry” she needs to fake it till she makes it.
  • Tracey joined the flopportunity My Lead System Pro (where she presumably met David Wood) and was super-duper successful until she lost all of her belongings (again), including her house.
  • Tracey abetted Dave and Dave to launch Empower Network whilst she (finally) scaled her way to the top of the pyramid.

Job loss, unemployment, couple of cases of insolvency, dubious mentors … triumph! Anybody who would deign to vet Tracey for five minutes would discover that she could even barely qualify for the Razzies.

But the media is, per usual, oblivious and uncaring. Why should traditional media outlets conduct thorough, time consuming, background checks into the figures they promote if everyone can just Botox smile into the camera, filling yet another cakey segment in between meat and potato commercials?

Thank you ABC for helping the evil to wax eviler and for the indigent to wane indigenter!

Even though this poster girl for ruinous pyramid schemes never marketed anything effectively in her entire life, ABC7 Chicago still insisted on referring to Tracey Walker as a “marketing expert” … and asked her how the simple Everyman can legitimately build a la la land prosperous online business- the likes of which she never had.

Tracey Walker BSing ABC

According to Tracey, the ordinary Dick & Jane need to spend $5,000 on average before becoming a forever online success story. On what precisely should they squander their limited funds? Well boys and girl … it’s all pretty mystical. However, quite coincidentally, that’s roughly the cost for Empower Network’s “All In” bullcrap (not including the circa $150 a month thereafter).

Oh but please Ms. Walker, pretend for a moment that you are not just a swindling poser and reveal to us the enigmatic secrets in attaining all those magnificent internet monies in 5 fabulous, fabricated, fraudulent steps.

Step 1: Decide if you really desire to be your own boss

That’s a tricky step! I mean … you must have this staunch passion for doing whatever the fuck you want, whenever the fuck you want, wherever the fuck you want. Some people might drop off after this stage but the rest of you 99.9999999% are ready for the next step. Oh and prepare $5,000.

Step 2: Find a mentor in the area of online business you are interested in building

If you are thinking that you are sufficiently smart and unique enough to attempt your own ventures by yourself then you are a) miserably wrong b) sadly mistaken and c) most definitely stupid. “You” “need” a “mentor.” Didn’t you know that Mark Zuckerberg was an ingenious ingenue under the tutelage of Steve Jobs and that Larry & Sergey were downline of Arianna Huffington?

And if you don’t know under which rock to search for this elusive master … then Tracey’s a great expert, right? [Fake childish laughter]

Step 3: Do as instructed by mentor: Follow directions!

The world doesn’t need any more revolutionary innovations! What our planet so desperately cries out for is more spammy emails and false testimonials on web pages with affiliate links! And if your “mentor” urges you to get all in or else you’ll be ridiculed as a wussy, it’s so not a psychotic cult manipulation tactic to pillage your already broke ass! Your mentor totally has a soul!

Step 4: Construct feasible game-plan for success

Just realistically imagine that you are cruising aboard a luxurious yacht, rubbing suntan snake oil into the bronzed shoulders of the super-rich, making shitloads of passive income and not paying up outrageous fees to a flagrant fraud. Oh wait, maybe you shouldn’t do all that “thinking” …

Step 5: Repeat until results are achieved

Do you remember how last month you could barely pay all your bills, how you ate cat food for dinner and how you only allowed yourself to flush the toilet after every three shits? Yeah, then no … start flushing. Tracey says that if you keep giving her your money “eventually you’ll get there” … unlike the 97% of Empower Network’s members who never have and never will.

And Tracey Walker knows what she’s talking about because she is sooo totally a real marketing expert … and Empower Network is so not a pyramid scheme.

  • Aleksey Zuravlov

    Great read! :D

    Have you found any actual reports on Tracey?

    How recent was that video with her?

    And yeah, surprisingly her websites generate very little traffic. I’m not sure where all that money comes from. Maybe solo ads. Most marketers who have no clue about PPC/PPV/mobile advertising/media buys usually stick to solo ads..

    By the way, what the hell is – “kowtowing”?

    Also.. who’s next on your EN list? Rob Fore or Michelangelo Lopez?

    Best wishes,

    • Omri Shabat

      The video is from about a week ago and she actually made a couple of more TV appearances on smaller local networks.

      I don’t think that Tracey advertise anywhere … all her EN income is being passively generated by those alleged “100% commissions” that pass up into her pockets.

      “Kowtowing” is pretty much like “grovel,” only with a funnier intonation …

      Next on my list … to be continued.

  • alex

    These Internet Criminals live Lawrence Tam, Tracey Walker , Dave’s , Tony, Anik should be reported to the police and prevent them from creating more damage with all such fraud ‘get rich quick schemes ‘

    • sasha

      and you are ignorant

  • Ethan Vanderbuilt

    The list of scammers goes on and on with the Empower Network. After looking into Vick Strizheus, I took a look at Justin Verrengia. He is a another piece of work.

    • Ethan Vanderbuilt is a Woman

      Another piece of bullcrap from you plus another scammer posing as an honest man Ethan Vanderbilt. Rubishes every single company out there on the Internet then has infolinks from the very same companies running on the bottom of his pages in his very grubby scam website advertising the very same companies. You people who come down on honest marketers like Tracey Walker should get out of the gutter and “grow up”.

      • Ethan Vanderbuilt

        I agree the Empower Network is a piece of bullcrap and Tracey Walker is yet one more shill for this garbage. Don’t take my word for it, but look at the income disclose that shows that almost everyone is losing money with this junk.

        • TinoMartinez

          Ethan Vanderbuilt I bet you think hair is a scam. haha and you probably went to the gym for a week and saw no results so you called fitness a scam.

  • debbie

    she says in the interview that she declared bankrupt, now that she’s a huge online wonder, I wonder if she went back and took care of all her unpaid debt.

  • Alvin Hill

    Is This all true or just asumtions ,please feel free to chime in at any time . I though That she marketed her way tp the top of the business.

    [Edit: Self-serving link omitted.]

    • Michael Taylor

      It’s just bitterness. Sites like this one are just as scammy and self serving.

  • Torri

    While I don’t agree with some of your blanket-statements, many, many props to you; you can write your ass off! I actually enjoyed reading your perspective!

  • bizbux

    its not hard to see that you have a bug up ur ass regarding empower network. why should ANYONE believe what YOU say?

    • NameSource

      Agreed. You can show someone tangible, monetary proof of something and they will find a gazillion reasons why it’s a crime. Are there sketchy, scamy biz ops online? OF COURSE. It’s called LIFE. But to call the entire industry as a whole a scam…..well that’s just a sign of depression.

  • Julie Dujardin

    EXtremely well put Omri !★bingo you have called Tracey on her numbers …has to be done

  • NameSource

    Whats with this post? Uugh. Ok people….affilaite marketing is a real way to make money. I do it, and YES the deposits are VERY VERY REAL….whether it’s pyramid or not. The Tracey’s, Rush’s, and Lopez’s are us just people that decide to go all celebrity with their success. There are LOTS of us that do this without any kind of hoo-ra all over the internet, and make comparable money.

    Wow. Educate yourself.

  • R.carter

    FYI Tracey people are about to come at you. She found out about this page. Lol

  • Jonathan Sweeting

    LMAO, this post is laughable at best, thanks to Tracey You got some traffic and some comments. I have been with EN a long time know and Tracey is like My online marketing sister. She is over a million in commissions in Empower alone and thousands in Her other ventures, been on numerous Tv shows and helped tons of people succeed online.

    You are a poor excuse for a marketer if You are trying to get traffic or sales at Tracey’s expense. There are better was to do it man, but slander against a true marketer who came from the bottom and worked her way to the top? You a piece a shit bro

  • Terry

    Hi, I remember a friend of mine who joined empower network just a couple of month ago. I warned him that there is a series of “if you want to hit it big or that “stop being a wussy” will cost him more money. Finally, when he did listen and owned up to his mistake, please believe me was sorry. He made no money. Now he claims he is making with DSDomination. I have searched relentlessly trying to find someone who made million a year just like Tracey Walker, under Tracey Walker and can’t fine one!

    • Michael Taylor

      Yeah, same thing happens with college. Always asking for more money when you want to take more courses.

  • C.Mathis

    I can’t say I don’t like her, but one thing i DISLIKE about Ms Walker is that she calls herself the blogging queen. She make it seem like she made 7 figures off blogging, when in reality it’s from recruiting. Yes she has a nice blog, but the money is from recruiting and pass ups. Oh and this is coming from a person that was in Empower Network and made money. I left when they introduced that horrible blog beast. I hear they are back to using wordpress which is way better.

    • Ken Beckford

      Way better.

  • sasha

    LOL for someone you calling a poser you sure are leveraging her traffic aren’t ya. Before you write another obnoxious and ignorant article actually research them little did you know she was successful in real estate before if you actually looked up her story. As grant cardone says, attention is still attention, whether good or bad.

  • Joshua

    You do know that you can make money in Empower Network JUST BY SELLING THE PRODUCTS, right? I have several happy buyers of the blog, Top Producer Formula, & TB Formula and are NOT affiliates of Empower Network. So, how is this a scam my friend? If people wanna join, they can. No different than a cashier who takes thousands of dollars from customers and pass it up to the CEO and owners of the company for a measly $8/hr. How many people do that a year and fail (lose their job)? Look at the turnover rate of some of these factories, restaurants, etc. And they do it to kids! have them working for pennies while all the big guys (CEOs) make all the money. They pay $20,000 for college and get out and DO THE SAME THING to no success…cant find a job.

    Having said all that, you offer advice but no real solutions. Don’t we have enough of that in the world? We don’t need more advice, we need more inspiration to take action with solutions.

    SN: Why did you delete every link but Ethan Vanderbuilt’s link? Could it be because he’s the only one that agrees with you? So, how do that hurt your credibility?