The Dean Response

Dean Graziosi: WTF, GlancingWeb?

It’s not easy to spar with a truth-teller, because no matter what you’re going to do or say, your counter-argument will always be weaker … especially when the other side is a relentless watchdog who would rather watch endless reruns of any reality show with a Kardashian in it (the horror!) than to succumb to the darkness.

But sometimes, the Forces of Murk have no other choice except to wobbly approach the spreader of dazzling light.

A few months ago, I posted a kick ass article about Dean Graziosi … it was funny, insightful and highly researched (as per usual). By using my super-secret SEO formula, it quickly gained some of this miraculous Google traction that most can only venerate but very few actually achieve (because almost everybody is boring, idle and dull).

In a desperate attempt to squelch the truth and impale this trifling freedom of speech thingy (who needs that overrated basic human right anyway?), Dean apparently threatened my now-previous hosting provider which had demanded of me to omit any mention of Dean Graziosi … because naturally corporate greed is more precious than the little guy’s inherent rights and freedoms.

But I would have sailed through the most turbulent of hosting bays if that was what was required of me to do in order for me to cling steadfastly to the bequest that God/Darwin had bestowed upon me … so I’m still here.

I guess that’s what eventually led Dean Graziosi to do the unthinkable – to contact me directly. After a few long (and surprisingly, quite respectful) conversations which began with Dean telling me:

Dean Graziosi here..

Of course I get the strategy of driving traffic to your page by trashing me.. Im not here to judge that, but my hopes are that its not just about affiliate commissions and you would like to represent the truth..

And pretty much ended with me telling Dean:

I know how to identify fraudulent patterns … I know how to identify when a company/person is acting in a disingenuous way … I know how to identify lies … I know how to identify a criminal behavior … I know how to identify illicit cartelizing … and I know how to identify scams.

You want to be removed from my radar? Stop with all of the above.

I would have said that we had reached an impasse and agreed to disagree but that’s a very stupid sentence, uttered only by lazy people who slackly want to end a dispute … and because I’m so fucking undisputedly right, I can’t end it there.

However, Dean did show me (and I’ve verified for myself) that through a befuddling myriad of other companies bearing many other different names he owns at least some of the properties he mentions on his websites and on the social media. I’m still vetting his other real estate claims and if I’ll find more¬†substantiated information I will update this post accordingly.

More interestingly, though, Dean openly admits his partnership with the Utah-based boiler room company Professional Marketing International, and he staunchly defends it … even though PMI had amassed mounds of horrific complaints over the past three months alone (examples: Here, here, here and here).

So to make things simple for everybody …

As long as people are getting hurt and irreparable financial, emotional and sometimes physical damage is being done … I will do my best and utmost to ensure that the scammers will also have another incorruptible anti-evil website to fear.

  • Aleksey Zuravlov

    Fantastic job, Omri! That’s quite an achievement. You’re certainly doing something right, if all these “big players” come here and try to deal with it personally.

    Have you ever heard from Empower Network leaders? (Daves, Tony, etc). I mean, did they email you?

    • Omri Shabat

      Actually, Vick Strizheus left me a comment on the post about his felonious ass:

      (Reading it my cause a severe case of Level 5 Stupidism.)

      As for Dave & Dave, I doubt if they would ever comment here … because they are just a couple of wussies … and because if they ever would, they would have to grant answers to questions which would topple their little pyramid.

      • Aleksey Zuravlov

        Holy shit! There’s a huge debate going on!

        You’re doing extremely good. You definitely are catching up with Salty in terms of publicity.. Slowly, but surely.

        Responses like “seems to me like you have a very miserable life buddy.. good luck.” are very typical indeed. When people are faced with undeniable facts and they know they aren’t right, they are still compelled to protest against your argument… And it ends up as something very stupid :)

        Haha – “Level 5 Stupidism”. I had to dispel that effect.