Fake Consulting from the Fakest Consultant

Frank Kern Usual ResultsIs your business struggling to wield any profits? Are you barely managing to provide for your family? Is your spouse urging you to find a real job? Are your kids glancing at you with a famished disappointed gaze? Have you begun finding temporary solace in the warm embrace of Johnnie?

Worry no more, little hapless minion! All you need is merely a modicum of fake consulting to transform your almost insolvent business into the most lucrative venture in la la land … and no one is better at feigning success than the godfather of pretense, señorita Frank Kern!

Frank appears to be as qualified to confer financial strategies as Charlie Sheen is to proffer advice on sobriety … but hey, I guess you can’t criticize someone who says he’s doing it for free … right?

Frank Kern Quadruple Your Losses

Anybody who is even just slightly acquainted with Felonious Frank knows that benevolence isn’t a term he’s entirely familiar with (both in word or deed) … scam is the name and sham is his game … but it’s kinda hard to play when there are so many prohibitions restricting your racketeering rump after you have been entangled with the FTC.

So even though Irwin F. Kern, IV doesn’t have the education, the required qualifications, nor the proven experience, just a very substantial criminal record … he nonetheless offers supposed “free training” for aspiring business owners. But unlike Merriam-Webster’s punctual definition of the adverb “free,” Frank has a very different notion about what that word means.

Frank proposes that you participate in his alleged pro bono webinar where he consults consultants on how to consult other consultants on how to consult other consultants (ouch).

The webinar is really lame- Replete with vain platitudes … megalomaniacal comparisons of Frank to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs … some low-tech Facebook spamming tricks … and a barrage of Frank’s self admissions that he has no true credentials or legitimately recognized accreditation and that he always was unsuccessful at everything (naturally those who can, do, and those who can’t, fake teach).

But the webinar itself isn’t Frank’s real goal … it’s just a facade, a veritable platform to gather the naive wannabes and pitch them his latest frauduct, Frank Kern’s Advanced Consulting Class.

The “Class” is actually just six video conferences online (once a week) where the unqualified and unskilled Frank pretends to know how to consult consultants in how to develop their wretched consulting business. The cost of Frank’s Charlatanry Class is $7,800 … an utterly impoverishing sum for most small businesses in today’s economy, but a small price to pay in exchange for absolute stark nothingness.

But Frank doesn’t care … because he’s not a real consultant. The only thing that he really is … always was … and always will be is a sociopathic con man. If you are looking for actual consulting, you should try a real consulting firm.

  • Tim

    This website sucks

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      But still you remained here to leave a comment … you’re stupid, now go away and pretend you don’t care what I write about.

      • chuckfreyer

        Yes – he left a comment because you filthy middle eastern have set this up after invading our nation only but to defame someone within the letter of the law: the great Frank Kern. You have a problem with him? Sue like a free fair man, instead of the weak girls you people are. We will never forget . You 9/11 monsters. You will not insult an all-American consultant: Kern.

        • FairNBalanced

          I don’t agree with the author, but your reply is pitiful. Yes, attack his race that will make you relevant. lol, get out of a homogenous white state and go live in the developing parts of your country.

          • mohammadislamic

            I’m of the same race as Omri so let me tell you: What evil person other than Omri would be discrediting LEGITIMATE AMERICAN businesses ? Is Frank Kern “illegal” ? Is he doing something ILLEGAL ? This OMRI character is sitting in Iran under command from the Ayotollah to attempt to induce pain upon LEGAL businesses here – isn’t he? Am I wrong ?

  • Jason Cooke

    Finally someone telling it like it is. Respect!

    • mohammadislamic

      No he is not- He is damaging the reputation of a self made multi-millionaire . Omri is a loser . What money does he make? He spends his time on this so how is he going to make money ? As for Frank – he sheeet works.

      • Jason Cooke

        You sir are what we refer to as a cunt! You need fucking and burning for promoting a scammer like Kern – and even worse for taking it where the sun doesn’t shine. Go get some education and fast – you’re an embarrassment.

        • chuckfreyer

          He is not a cunt . He is stating the truth. Not only have I also made a fortune thanks to Frank, but so have many others . If he was a con he would get shut down and imprisoned by the FTA – with whom he had originally already got into serious trouble. He’s on their watch-list but the stuff he does works so he is not shut down.

        • James

          I suggest you and Omri actually take a look at the material and tell me
          where is he lying? Where is he saying anything a good business
          consultant wouldn’t do?

          And compare your income with his – what
          qualifications do you have to be criticising him? You shout about his
          lack of credentials, what are yours? have you bothered to even look at
          the product before condemning it?

          He did indeed lose a court case
          and paid his dues. Since then, he has rebuilt his business and made a
          lot of money in spite of the restrictions that were imposed on him.

          It’s so easy to throw rocks and be the critic – it’s much tougher to add value and make a difference to people’s lives.

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            I actually did look at the “material” … and it’s crap. He basically spews the same vain cliches and empty platitudes you can find all over the YouTubes and Facebooks for free, only he pretends that his services are “premium.”

            Your argument of income comparison isn’t valid … at all. Bernie Madoff was richer than 99% of the world and eventually he was still a swindling scumbag.

            My credentials … fair enough. I have studied financial advisory, accounts management and right not I’m during another round in the academic world. When it comes to all sorts of perilous unfounded proclamations about potential opportunities/investments … I know my shit.

            Frank didn’t just “lose a court case” … the FTC caught him lying, misleading and defrauding many unaware individuals. Right now, he’s doing the exact same thing, only he learned how to be a bit more sophisticated.

          • mohammadislamic

            Omri is wrong again. Why? Omri proves the stuff is “valuable” because he agrees with “Free” (he has no problem with that, but his problem is with paying). Even using Apple computers is free in a Apple store or library – but the “same item” costs money to buy. You have “choice” : you don’t have to buy Frank nor the Apple computer. I “choose” to buy… I choose to buy Frank. It produces incredible results not just for me but tons of people out there. Look at their “testimonials” [and no, testimonials that are lies will result in jail-term and action by the Federal government].

  • good

    Thank you omri, you f***ing whore. It seems you like calling your readers stupid and your trashing someone have a nice life.

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      It’s okay … I understand that you need to vent after your fake gurus whom you worship to have marauded you again. After all, complaining to them will result in a prompt squelch of criticism.

      So … you’re welcome.

      • mohammadislamic

        You need to get a good life. Sitting here insulting great people is no way to live.

      • chuckfreyer

        You filthy foreigner trying to insult the great Frank Kern. You smelly middle eastern piece of rotting rubbish (inc. Iran) may practice your communism out there but this is the land of the free where Frank Kern will reign as he pleases as he is withIn the law.

  • mohammadislamic

    How dare you insult such a great man. He is trying his best to generate income – and if he has “Scammed” anyone with this business then you and/or Feds can take him to court. With this consulting and many other businesses – you will fail. You have failed. You can only resort to this defamatory insult. Go get a life….

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Wait, I’m confused … will I fail or have I already failed? Writing is so difficult! And apparently, so as reading … because if you would have read the article rather than automatically bowing to such a flagrant psychopath, you would have realized that the Feds already took this con man to court … and won.

      Good day, sir!

      • mohammadislamic

        So you Iranian terror , putting up your blog to disrepect Americans- you are a loser damaging the reputation of a self made multi-millionaire that helps thousands – you communist p**. You’re not even American – get out …. you Iranian piece of Shi-ia trash… go back to your Ayotollah and live like a friggin’ poor man there

        • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

          Hey scumbag, you’ve just made me do what I really hate- moderate comments.

          This is a free forum where everybody should have a voice, but when you growl your stupid primitive opinion that is filled with racism (under a few fake identities, no less) you cross the line.

          It doesn’t matter to which folk or race or gender or religion I belong … because it won’t make your GodKern any less the conman that he is.

          Take your bigotry point of view of the world, and go fuck yourself in the 17th century.

          Good day, sir!

          • chuckfreyer

            No I will not be “Going to f**” myself” you ignorant evil person. You defame and insult Frank Kern; the man that made me a boat load of money you filthy foreigner. You communists always hated people doing business in Iran or whichever nearby hell hole you are from

          • Mike

            I disagree with your article, but you are absolutely right to shut down this rampant, racist bigotry. It’s a shame.

          • mohammadislamic

            Freyer is not bigot. I am of the same race as Omri – and let me tell you Mike : What evil person other than Omri would be discrediting LEGITIMATE AMERICAN businesses ? Is Frank Kern “illegal” ? Is he doing something ILLEGAL ? This OMRI character is sitting in Iran under command from the Ayotollah to attempt to induce pain upon LEGAL businesses here – isn’t he? Am I wrong ?

  • mohammadislamic

    This is sick and horrible. You are damaging a self made multi-milliionaire that guides tens of thousands of other people. You have no shame, no respect – you loser person in life

  • chuckfreyer

    Frank Kern’s material has made me over 3/4 of a million dollar to date. Does it work? Yes. Is it hard work? Yes. Is it the best there is? Most likely because everyone else just copies him. But is there evidence Frank is not a con? He is stating the truth. Not only have I also made a fortune thanks to Frank, but so have many others . If he was a con he would get shut down and imprisoned by the FTA – with whom he had originally already got into serious trouble. He’s on their watch-list but the stuff he does works so he is not shut down.

  • FreshFire

    wow, this article sounds really, *tastes tongue* bitter?!

  • James

    Interesting that you pick McKinsey’s as a “Real Consulting Firm”. To date, they have been implicated in insider trading, screwed up the reorganisation of General Motors in the 1980s, were uncomfortably close to Enron (which was headed by McKinsey alumni), told AT&T that cell phones would only ever be a niche market and not something that would have mass appeal and so on!

    Secondly, your article implies that because Frank Kern has no consulting qualifications, he is not qualified to run a course on business consulting. There is no such thing as a government recognised qualification for being a business consultant or business coach. For example, one of the big 6 recruits its business consultants from graduate computer systems analysts! They then learn their skills on the job.

    What counts in the business consulting and business coaching worlds is your ability to get results for your clients. Since his court case with the FTC, he has a track record of building successful businesses and of helping others do the same. That’s why people pay him for his advice.

    I hope you got good legal advice before publishing the above. It could be construed as being damaging to Frank Kern’s ability to run his business and ans such, you could find yourself on the end of an FTC investigation. All it takes is a complaint about the article. The FTC is a complaints driven organisation!

    It would have been nice if you’d analysed the content for value instead of wasting bandwidth with lies and half truths. BTW, you describe Frank Kern as a “convicted felon”. I’ve searched the internet and can find no record of his conviction – I can find record that the case was settled out of court. He was never tried and convicted as far as I can tell. Please point me to a legal entity’s page showing his conviction in court. Unless you can, you are committing libel!

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      McKinsey & Company ranked for a long time as one of the top consulting firms in the world:


      Perhaps (probably) they’ve fucked up in the past, but they are a real company with actual professionals dealing with clients’ accounts.

      I didn’t say that Frank Kern should have a consulting license of a sort … but I did say that he’s not qualified to offer such services. After watching and reading many of his stuff, I’m more than sure that his business proclamations are completely unfounded and at times … unbelievably stupid. And as I stated on my prior comment to you, I am actually qualified (educationally) to assert those kind of claims.

      You speak of legal matters … but what about you? If you have some vested interest in Frank Kern and you didn’t disclose it in your comments, you yourself might be violating some laws … do you get me, coachingwithjames?

      • James

        Aaah, yes, the refuge of the weak – ignoring the request for proof of your assertions.

        I have no vested interest in Frank Kern, just as I have none in you, so there’s no danger of me violating any laws!

        I like some of Frank Kern’s products. I dislike others. What I do like is fairness and objectivity, something that’s lacking in your article.

        • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

          I link to it in the article itself, if you didn’t see it.

          Here, I don’t bring the scammers’ side … nor do I wish to hear their excuses for what they did/do. If you want to read Frank’s side of the story for why he scammed so many people … go to his manipulative “I kinda fell and, oops, innocent people were massively fucked!” article.

          • Henrik Fritzén

            You’re appear to be incredibly ignorant, stupid (yet intelligent) and angry at the world…
            You should check out Jim Rohn’s video: “Your Best Life Ever” and drop your lousy philosophy of life…
            Stop wasting your potential, start yourself a new life… Use that intelligence to your own benefit.

      • mohammadislamic

        Frank Kern is a “Real company” doing “actual professional work”. The real truth here is you are a “hater” of American entrepreneurial business. Evidence? If what you say was “true” then Frank would not be able to practice business. You can apply to a variety of government departments to end him – point blank. But you can’t because he serves soooooo many people. Have you seen how many customers he has inside any product ? Have you seen how many facebook people – real people – love him? Thousands… he is a rock star. He has made me rich, my family owes him.

  • Curious Passerby

    LOL….this guy seems to be a Salty Driod wannabe/knockoff. I find it fascinating that people spend sooooo much time tearing down others.

    I think it’s possible to learn from EVERYONE…even if it’s learning what NOT to do – i.e. don’t scam people.

    If one could stop for a moment, temporarily suspend hatred / misunderstanding/ignorance/jealousy and look for the lessons in any situation, you’ll find them.

    I’ve followed Frank Kern for years. I was actually an IIE customer when all of this went down. I even made about $800 from the program. Admittedly, (and shamefully) I got caught up in the whole drama of the FTC situation and was “pissed off because I got scammed”…until my girlfriend asked me a “stupid” question – “Didn’t you make money from the program?!?” {insert deer in headlights stare here}
    YES, I did make money! But like most of the ‘masses’ I was focused on the bad in the situation.

    Most people who join any “make money” program, whether it’s online, MLM or whatever, won’t do a single thing. They think they can buy a program and magically make money. And because they don’t make money, their first response is “this is a scam” – They NEVER say, “I didn’t do anything” or “I didn’t follow the instructions” — They blame it on everything around them – They refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

    YES, Frank and others like him use language to make it seem like it’s that easy and truthfully — IT IS easy…. COMPARED to virtually every other type of business model. Try making $100,000 in a restaurant, or cleaning service, or handyman service , or real estate agent, or starting a magazine, or being a massage therapist, or catering service, or personal trainer, or life coach, or computer repair, or moving company, or hair stylist, or landscaper, or makup artist, or……..the list goes on. These businesses are HARD compared to setting up a website and selling affiliate products in forums and social sites.

    I worked “hard” in IIE and made money. From there, I had the knowledge to create ebooks and sell more things online. I owe that to Frank Kern and others like him (Jeremy Shoemaker, Jim Rohn, Neil Patel, Alex Mandossian, Shawn Casey, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Alan Weiss, Harvey McKay, Dan Pena, Les Brown, Dr Jeffery Lant, John Reese, Robert Kiyosaki, Jordan Belford, Eban Pagan, Perry Marshall, Anthony Robbins, Bob Bly, Gary Vanderchuck, Richard Koch , to name a few)

    I’m sure if you look closely at any one of these guy’s lives (or anyone’s for that matter) you’ll find something to be “disgusted/offended/insulted/dissapointed” by.

    Les Brown is one of the best motivational speakers in the world…. Changed the lives of thousands upon thousands of people, but he has 10 children by seven different women.

    One of the best teachers of salesmanship and persuasion – Jordan Belfort, ex-con

    Robert Kiyosaki provided fantastic financial advice for the common man – There’s actually no “rich dad.”

    Jay Abraham, the godfather of modern day marketing, divorced multiple times for reasons I won’t mention in this post.

    I’ve personally witnessed 3 very, very well known public speakers/businessmen cheat on their wives. I’ve seen one woman (another very public figure) do hard drugs after stepping off a stage speaking to an audience of thousands…telling them to make powerful choices in their lives.

    My point: If you’re “intelligent” enough to look past a person’s flaws and imperfections, you can see value in almost any situation.

    My brother-in-law was a martial arts trainer and helped hundreds of children get better grades, behave better at at home, stay off drugs…etc. He even volunteered in several shelters to create fitness programs for the homeless and displaced. Dozens of parents commended him because of the work he did with their children — he got results that neither they nor others were able to achieve. One day, he failed a 9-year old girl on her black belt test because he said she wasn’t ready to move on. A week later, in retaliation, she claimed he raped her.

    Life as he knew it was over.

    He was immediately arrested, spent 7 months in jail, lost his dojo, his house…everything. Two years and $49,000 later (in legal fees), all counts of rape were dismissed.

    Here are the facts:

    – The girl’s story was inconsistent and changed 5 times

    – The timeline in which the rape supposedly happened was close to impossible (he would have had to run out of a class he was teaching, rape the girl, then run back to teach the next class in less than 5 minutes

    – The “eye-witness” wasn’t even in the dojo at the time the rape supposedly happened

    Despite all this, the DA wanted blood and wouldn’t give up. Almost, everyone believed he was guilty and turned their backs on him. Parents were coming out of the wood works saying things like “I knew something was wrong with him…bla, bla, bla” (despite having positively raved about him in the past).

    In the end, he was found NOT guilty. All charges were dismissed

    Moral of the story, people (the masses) don’t think for themselves. They get easily persuaded by the media and the hype. Very few, take responsibility and do their own research and due diligence.

    Omri, you are one of those people.

    Just like Salty Droid, you’ve been romanticized by the hype and are prisoner to your need/sense of importance /self worth. And in your desperate attempt to be relevant, you use the success of others to spew your vomit on anyone who will listen.

    Please, in your vanity, understand that this post isn’t “for” you… it’s for others to see who you really are. You’re the irrelevant guy in the corner screaming obscenities to the guy on the stage to get attention (the pitiful heckler)

    I don’t expect a reply, because it’s very evident that you avoid any real, legitimate confrontation. However, I’m curious if you are “man enough” to actually post this on your site.

    By no means do I condone the ignorant, racist comments that were made against you. Shame on those people. However, those are the only people you have a legitimate response to.

    It’s laughable how you skated over McKenzy’s past wrongdoings…and totally ignore people with legitimate rebuttals. “Real Consulting Firm” Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha Ha…… man, you should go on tour with this type of comedy. Honestly, I can’t stop laughing.

    There are THOUSANDS of people who have done good in one area of their lives and made horrible choices otherwise. Doesn’t mean their information is invalid.

    Additionally, there are THOUSANDS of people who “aren’t qualified” to do what they have successfully done for years and years…helped millions of people.

    THANK GOD FOR THEM…..that they were too busy DOING IT than listening people like you who are too busy telling them they can’t (from your place of self-righteousness)

    “I’m educated and qualified to make such statements” LMAO

    You sad, sad little man… My heart goes out to you. I WAS you at one time. I truly hope that one day you will find your REAL voice. It’s very evident that you are educated and can bring real value to the world. I just hope you recognize that in yourself and put your intelligence to good use…. Please don’t turn into salty droid. You can be so much more than that.


    P.S. (LOL, I wouldn’t be a marketer without a PS)

    DISCLAIMER: I am a 1 Man Millions Alumni (the first iteration this program) I joined in 2011 and since then, I’ve earned close to $700,000 specifically using this technique and what I’ve learned elsewhere. So, forgive me if I’m a little biased. I’m a high-school dropout and there aren’t many opportunities for someone in my position to earn this type of money legally. I’ve worked with a few dozen clients and in every single case, I have at least doubled their businesses using the information I learned in this (and other) programs. I don’t have an MBA, I don’t have any “qualification” to do what I’ve done……So, shhh, don’t tell my clients who are thriving, feeding their families and making a difference in their communities that “I don’t know what I’m doing”. They’d be mortified and possibly want to burn all the money I’ve made them. LOL

    (please excuse any typos…using voice to text)

  • John

    Looks Like someone hates Frank Kern lol.

  • mohammadislamic

    Omri , we are both from Iran. Except You remained in Tehran criticing American gurus, but I came to America and used Frank’s material to generate over a million dollars. More interestingly I have just got a deal with a company in your backwoods in Tehran (but to be delivered in Oman as I’m not allowed into your land), waiting for a visa from your embassy in Mexico City (we won’t allow you into our land) – and its a 6 figure contract…. stop hating on America.. let’s meet in a coffee house in Muscat ?