Ponzi Gold Rush

Tony Rush Pyramid Schemes' PharaohIt’s so fun to probe Empower NetCult and discover that almost NOBODY there makes money, while the scanty few at the pyramid’s peak have a long history of conning, deceiving and just basically being total douches. Okay, maybe it’s not precisely fun-fun but really more fun-so-fucking-sad-fun.

Ironically, it’s pretty much the same kind of Via Dolorosa fun that Empower Network’s mind-fucked devotees are madly trying to fake.

I’ve already unveiled the immense piggishness of Vick “I Sorta Forgot to Return the Money I Stole” Strizheus, so now it’s time to shine the black light on another offshoot of Order Anoplura that has been feeding off the subsistence of innumerable hosts … Tony Rush.

Tony has been involved in the pyramidal biz for a looong time … and he knows that if you’d like to succeed in this sort of non-sustainable business model, you’ve got to swindle your way to the top … and blame his trail of barren “customers,” who would inevitably fail, for their inescapable failure.

Here’s Tony already in 2001 accusing abortive people who “didn’t have the work ethic,” when he promoted the dubious opportunity of A.L. Williams (later on Primerica):

You’re mistaken. A.L. William was NOT a fraud or a scam.

Now, it may be true that the representatives had to work very hard for their money and there may have been lots of people who had the money to get involved but didn’t have the work ethic it took to succeed.

Chances of succeeding in MLM are slim at best … and even flimsier when one wishes to maintain a semblance of integrity. But I suppose it’s easier to demean someone’s diligence rather than to say “You would have had a better luck meeting a nice chaste mermaid in a Shanghai brothel” (everybody knows that mermaids can’t stand the air pollution levels in China).

From there, Tony had proceeded to aggressively promote another pyramid disguised as “we’re cool like Lehman Brothers” (and had endured a similar fate) called Liberty League International. In 2006, LLI’s founders were ordered to pay a $115,000 fine by the Attorney General of Arizona for being misguiding dicks and in 2009 they were sued in a $5 million class action for being even bigger misguiding dicks.

Even though Tony Rush played a huge part in distributing the Liberty League International scam, he was left out of the lawsuits … which afforded him the ill begotten opportunity to begin erecting other pyramids as well.

Shortly after the $5 million lawsuit against LLI, the company was rebranded as Polaris Media Group … because changing the name is just a shameless easy way to replace the old stained wrapping with a flashy new one, while the rancid shit inside remains exactly the same rancid shit. Obviously, Tony Rush was on board.

Tony Rush with Polaris Media Group is the smoothest talker ever to scam an entire group of people. He does the slickest southern I’m just a hick routine while he is laughing on the way to the bank.

Later on, apparently, Tony somehow became some sort of financial expert when he started to market silver and gold coins for the pointy ended company Numis Network. Tony doesn’t have any financial background, education, experience or even any remote connection to the world of economics … but in the pyramid biz the only thing that really matter is your downline.

If you want to learn nothing about numismatic coins and everything about losing your underpants to the MLM succubus, watch the following Tony Rush video:

[Update: Tony Rush took down the video because … wait for it … he’s a wussie.]

Around the same time Tony had morphed himself into a fake financial genie, he also commenced with the “OMG, you must join this totally life changing opportunity NOW NOW NOW NOW” promotion of another (surprise!) MLM company, Avant. Here’s a nice review of Avant where everybody is making fun of Tony in the comment section.

Pure marketing B.S. Hype. Smoke. Mirrors.

Tony is obviously selling the system. Recruiting recruiters. By the way, Tony has an inside deal with Avant. He makes money by selling you the system of autoresponders and splash pages that he says are converting at 50%. That’s the real reason Tony is there.

Tony likes to build pyramids … exclusively pyramids where he sits at the top and earns from the hapless losses of others. A.L. Williams, Liberty League International, Polaris Media Group, Numis Network, Avant, Empower Network … all shady pyramid schemes, all have incurred irreparable heavy financial and emotional damages and all have been manipulatively promoted by Tony Rush.

How can Tony live with himself? According to Tony, it’s kinda like a gym … or something. It’s hard to say what exactly because it’s all very stupid. And nonsensical. And purely self-justifying sociopathic. Or in other words … classic Tony.

  • http://alekseyzuravlov.com/ Aleksey Zuravlov

    I didn’t like this guy the minute I’ve heard him. Looks like my intuition wasn’t wrong. Tony was the guy who I was referring to, saying that there are leaders in EN who don’t provide any real value. (I replied to you in one of my first comments on this site).

    However, I was wrong about Tony being a “nice” guy. He’s trying, but he’s not. Empower Network should stop glorifying their high-earners who have such a colorful “history”.

    I will go and edit my post about him. And some other posts…

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Tony is just faking this whole “I’m a super-nice guy” sentiment. He’s nothing more than an aggressive salesman without too much of a conscience … he will try to sell any scammy MLM dung to anybody … without any regard to its true merit (or lack thereof).

      Fuck what people really need or what they were promised … Tony needs those wondrous monies in his pockets!

      • tonyrush

        Omri, I won’t presume to think you’re actually open to an intelligent dialogue on this topic: you probably have too much time, energy and ego invested in being right about your opinion of me as written in the slanderous article above.

        I’ll simply say this: I’ve never been involved in a company that was shut down as a pyramid scheme. Nor have I ever been involved in a company that was sued for being a pyramid scheme. Nor have I ever joined a company whose pay plan and structure were that of a pyramid scheme.


        You see, there’s a clear distinction that you are either ignorant of or don’t care about and it’s simply this: in a legitimate direct sales company, one ONLY makes money when a product is actually purchased by an end-consumer. And ZERO money is made on just “recruiting” people into the business itself.

        Empower Network, like any other business I’ve ever been involved with, is simply a direct sales company. We get paid when someone buys a product. That’s all.

        Further, every company I’ve ever been involved with has had a clearly stated refund policy. And I’ve gone out of my way to make sure that I’ve always underpromised and overdelivered on what I’ve marketed.

        Am I perfect? Certainly not.

        Do I make mistakes? Absolutely.

        But here’s what I have NOT done: I have never knowingly taken advantage of anyone to make a dollar. (Why would I? It’s far too simple to make a dollar ethically!)

        And, when people aren’t happy with something they’ve purchased from me, I’ve done my best to make things right, often over and above what was required by “policy”.

        But the simple truth is that there are some people who simply will not be pleased no matter WHAT you try to do to make things right….and they cry “Scam!” after every purchase.

        Again, I don’t anticipate that you’re actually interested in my perspective; I suspect your ego wouldn’t allow you to change your perspective now that it’s been published.

        Plus, articles like this one offer a certain cheap vindication to all the people who feel that their quality of life is always someone else’s fault.

        So, I’ll simply that say that not all internet marketers are the parasites you apparently believe them to be.

        Some of us are actually ethical, honest people who make our living by providing products and services of real value.

        • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

          Wow Tony! It’s so nice of you to come and disperse your cultish bullshit in my own Anti-Scam Casa!

          I can tell you why Empower Network is so undisputedly a scam … but you already know that. You know that your “viral blogging system” (including the new ridiculously dubbed “Beast”) is inferior from all other blogging platforms but yet priced well above them. You know that the only reason naive people join EN is due to intentional deceit and fake hype. You know that you don’t dispense 100% commissions although you state that. You know that at least 97% of anybody in EN actually loses money.

          You know all that … and you don’t give a shit.

          And of course … you just have to wield your disgusting cult tactics:

          – It’s the victims own fault when they fail.
          – It’s my “ego” that is the problem and not, God forbid, your own fraudulent practices and lack of scruple.
          – Anybody who dares to criticize must be a loser and a hater and miserable and blah blah blah.

          Tony, I didn’t call all internet marketers parasites … but I definitely called you one.

          “Some of us are actually ethical, honest people who make our living by providing products and services of real value.”

          Ha! The chances of you engaging with something ethical and honest are pretty much as the chances of Chuck Palahniuk to rewrite Haunted as a romantic comedy and make it into a feature film with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. And because I know how doltish you and the other cartel leaders are, here’s a link to help you understand this joke:


          • Randy Blair

            Hey Omri,

            I was Facebook friends with Tony Rush since around 2009 or so, and have watched him jump from opportunity to opportunity.
            He called me one day in 2011 and gave me a good half hour sales pitch on either Global Information Network (GIN), Wealth Masters International (WMI) or Numis…I can’t remember which. He sounded disingenuous, but I took a swig of the kool-aid anyway, but never committed to it.

            Then he got involved with EN, and I actually signed up for it because I wanted to see what it was all about.

            MLM is direct sales, but they rake you in by putting YOU on “autoship” and get the money from YOU. That’s the scam! One day, I was on Tony Rush’s calls and he made some ridiculous statement about EN that made me laugh out loud. THEN he posted some ridiculous figures on his Facebook page, which I promptly called him out on. He wrote me privately asking why I was being a hater, and I told him in a nice way that he was wrong about what he said.

            Here’s the conversation:

            For as long as it lasts?

            Dude, you’re a smart guy. I’m a smart guy.

            What’s with the passive-aggressive, “I’m an outsider looking in” attitude in my Team Group?

            I don’t need any cheerleaders. But I also don’t have any need for armchair critiques, either.

            So…..what’s the deal?

            8/1, 1:33pm

            Randy Blair

            I’m replying by email, so I’m not sure if this will work or not, as I don’t think I’ve ever attempted to respond to a FB DM before.

            I think you misunderstand me, Tony.

            Believe it or not, I’m actually trying to help.

            8/1, 1:53pm

            Tony Rush

            criticizing the company in front of the team or making comments like “as long it lasts” is helpful or productive.

            *is not

            8/1, 2:28pm

            Randy Blair

            YOU solicited feedback. I gave it. I’m sorry you interpret it as criticism. Would it be better if I was a cheerleader and a sycophant?

            8/1, 2:55pm

            Tony Rush

            I never solicited a critique of the business model nor of a description of your apparent lack of enthusiasm.

            I requested feedback on the format of the event. I don’t require your opinion about the business.

            8/1, 5:19pm

            Randy Blair

            You are still seeing it as criticism…
            Tsk. Tsk…

            8/1, 5:19pm

            Tony Rush

            yes…and you are still ignoring the impact that careless language has on newbies.

            Either way, this isn’t a debate. I’m just letting you know that I have the same “no wussy” rule in my Team Group as exists in David/David’s FB group.

            If you want to criticize the business, find somewhere else to do it.

            8/1, 5:23pm

            Randy Blair

            I assure you, my language is anything but careless, Tony. It is clear to me that you don’t understand. I will cease trying to get you to understand.

            Heh heh…no wussy rule? Is that in print somewhere? Shame on me for missing it. I’ll check it out, later, bro. Thanks for your feedback.

            8/1, 5:25pm

            Tony Rush

            yes, it’s in print.

            Here you go: No wussies allowed in Tony Rush’s team group.

            8/1, 6:27pm

            Randy Blair

            Haha! Goood one!

            ***END OF MESSAGE***

            Anyway, Tony (and EN) sells the “man, you never have to make phone calls or work a full time job again” kool-aid to desperate people. Aside from “Justin”, I don’t see any of Tony’s downline coming here to defend him.

            Nowadays, anytime a person comes to me and asks me to sign up for their “opportunity”, the first thing I ask, as a brick and mortar business owner, is what’s your NOI? If they don’t know what that term is, then I know they don’t have a business. If they don’t answer what their NOI is, then I know they don’t have any, and they are funneling money into the box rather than taking it out.

            Good blog, man. Thanks for exposing the charlatans who use Covert Hypnosis techniques to bilk the desperate and gullible.

            Final point and question to Tony or any EN kool-aid drinker…
            If EN is a business, why do you spend so much time recruiting people who never owned businesses? Hell, why does ANY MLMer?

            EDIT: Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that, being an EN insider (read: one foolish enough to drop my $25+$19.95 per month piss away money), they do have a return policy. That policy is that there is no returns.
            So, when you “go all in” with that 10 large (that’s $10,000 for the slang impaired) and get shoddy fluff material that takes weeks to consume but produces absolutely nothing, rest assured that once you wake up and get your buyer’s remorse, you’re pretty much shit outta luck to get your money back.

  • Ryx

    I agree. I signed up under him because I thought he’s good leader who help out, but after him getting the sign up, he’s gone. The “insider board” or forum does not have updated resources nor useful ones and he doesn’t even reply to emails. I know that in doing business you should not rely on other people for your success, but hey, when you’re starting, you expect some help right?

    • tonyrush

      Hi, Ryx — my email address and phone number are clearly posted in your Empower Network members’ area. Members can also speak to me every day on our daily conference call for team members and our weekly video meeting.

      I’m not sure how much “help” you think you need but I’d be happy to argue that I’m far more accessible and available than you’re claiming here.

      Feel free to contact me directly if you require assistance.

  • Justin

    Sounds like another broke internet marketer with a blog, with nothing but resentment in their hearts for those doing well. People say things like this about apple too, yet they continue on being pioneers in their market. Being a flaming douchebag wont make you any money..

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      And here comes the brainwashed disciple … nothing of value to rebuff the claims and full of nonsensical MLM propaganda.

      Nobody says those stuff about Apple … one of the reasons why Apple probably branded itself justifiably as a pioneer is by NOT copying everything from WordPress and then painting it as the bestest thing ever came to the internet through fake hype.

      Steve Jobs is such a fool! All he had to do is to make Apple an MLM and start selling to sellers (which will sell to sellers) inferior products instead of all those top-notch devices to REAL customers!

      • Justin

        Haha so anyone who thinks you’re a tard is just a brainwashed MLM person?

        here is the broke internet marketer with no facts to back up his claims that they are selling “inferior products.”

        Do you have a spec sheet to back up this opinion?..
        Do you have anything that proves the EN products are inferior in the marketplace?

        Did you even buy all the products and see the information for yourself? Or are you just jumping on the “I hate empower network because they are so big” bandwagon? ..

        And you know what..Any answer would still lead to an OPINION..information products are subjective to each individual.

        Personally..they’re products have taught me how to be the best marketer I can be. And now their blog is for mainstream consumers..Damn you might cut your wrists now..

        You can hate MLM all you want..the fact of the matter is that it makes billions in revenue every year. Top financial people have vouched for it..and millions of people use it as a supplementary/primary income source.


  • Nash

    I’m sure that Tony’s responses to you (after your post being up for months) has nothing to do with a mention of him – and link to this page – from comments on this web page http://saltydroid.info/confesstimonial-collateral-damage/

  • Coco

    Tony is an awesome guy, and I’m not in his downline, empower network is not a piramed

  • Coco

    Anybody here going against Tony has a mentality of a poor person, always blame somebody else for your luck of success.

  • Elise Leonard

    Unfortunately, those that rely on excuses also rely on others to ‘do the work for them’. I feel saddened to realize so many are NOT following their dreams while criticizing others for their success. I assure you, after MANY endeavors into the home business industry, I have found Empower Network to be like no other with it’s WILLINGNESS to help others. Bad mouthing someone on line isn’t just unfair, it lacks grace. Tony Rush is beloved by those willing to bust their ass to make their dreams a reality. He did it, and if you didn’t ‘get it’, that’s on you, Empower Network is REAL, and it works. Those that bitch lose credibility. Sorry, no offense intended, but be honest, did you REALLY try to change your life or did you expect a free ride from Tony???

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Dear Elise,

      Let’s stop the act, shall we? In this website you don’t have to pretend … fake it … or put on the “I’m so super-successful and happy” mask.

      You don’t have even one worthy website which can prove your insinuated success and you don’t have any social following whatsoever. But I understand the cult-mentality … you can’t really expect to recruit anybody with the sad truth, right?

      I’ve seen you a million times already … and every time it breaks my heart anew.

      Tony Rush is willing to help only Tony Rush. The question is how much more plunder can you endure before you’d realize it as well.

      I know it’s difficult for you to understand it yet, but I’m on your side … and perhaps the only one there.

  • Jason F

    I love haters!!!! Keep this shit coming man! Money and greatness follow attention! And you keep giving attention to the people you don’t like and you are doing the opposite of what you want to happen. SMH

  • Meganp

    Wow! You go after anyone who actually finds success. And then you try and capitalize on being hateful towards people with money. Get a life! Haven’t you figured out yet that Love is where it is at? Yep. There are quite a few very angry angry people out there. Sorry for you having to live with that torment all your life. I hope you find a better way at some point. No doubt you hate yourself too. Hurt people hurt people. Get that? Probably not.

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      From where shall I begin?

      1. Bernie Madoff also actually found success; yet, for some mysterious reason, the court of found him guilty. “Success” doesn’t make a scammer any less of a scammer.

      2. Take a look around … no capitalization here.

      3. I can be the most self-hating, angry-angry, life-tormented, wretched-wight on this planet; and still, Mr. Rush would remain the vampirish looter that he is.

      4. You hurt me. Hurt people hurt people. Get that? probably not (proof above).

      Thank you for participating.