Pig Idea Mastermind

Vick Strizheus & David Wood ScammingIf you’d ask David Wood how many truly prosperous members Empower NetCult has, he would froth the same noxious poison as his ancestral progenitors … and spew forth a stream of toxic foaming lies. That’s just the nature of venomous creatures with no soul (no offense to any species of insect).

Loyal to the legacy of good old Charles, Empower Network generates some sustainable revenue (more than $500 a month) for only 1% out of its entire proselytized congregation while the rest merely try to fake it till they never make it … which makes these few bold words very sad.

One of the very few who precariously perches himself atop the great pyramid is Vick Strizheus … and he got there via the only sinister path he had ever trod upon all of his forlorn wretched life.

Vitaliy Strizheus was an insurance salesman that really loved to fill out life insurance applications so darn much … that he had begun faking them. In return for his unyielding (and quite illegal) affections towards the made-up clientele, Vitaliy had been awarded hefty commissions from the unaware company for whom he had worked.

After he pilfered around $30,000, Vitaliy finally got caught … because shockingly, fake folks can’t make real recurring payments for an extended period of time. Only due to the generosity of the judge who took into consideration Vitaliy’s family, in 2009 he was given a 90 day weekends only sentence that even would have made Li Lo jealous.

But you know how the sentence goes, “Once you go quack…” (or something). Rather than be grateful and walk the straight and narrow, “Vitaliy” plainly transformed himself into a “Vick” and the convicted for grand theft chameleon mysteriously changed into the bogus online guru of nothing.

Since his sentence, Vitaliy/Vick Strizheus has been systematically launching scams with the same pernicious, repetitious pattern: He releases an incomplete valueless product through boilerplate boastful promises of “Learn how to make [fabricated extravagant sum] from a [concocted profession] guru for only [costly price for $0 real worth]!” After a while Vick abruptly scurries away, leaving his victims stranded in limbo.

Frauducts such as:

7 Figure Marketing School

I cannot find their support info easily and when I did, I have been emailing them since forever.

Dont join 7 figure marketing school because Vick is a smart ass scam artist who has a support system that stinks and does not pay his affiliates.


48 Hour Cash Machine

VICK STRIZHEUS..This guy is a CROOK !! BIG CROOK !! If you order his “FREE” CD and just agree to pay for the shipping cost, he apparently ignores the box that you check to refuse enrollment in his online school and then he is set up so that you can not get back in touch with him after he illegally adds monthly autopay to your credit card or check.

Global Success Club

Overall, it was an exciting program at first, until you realize that Vick is just leading you along with broken promises until you pass your refund period. After doing research, I found that Vick has a history of making big promises to get a program going, then stops it, basically taking peoples money for products never made fully available.

High Traffic Academy

I have been a part of GSC and now High Traffic Academy. The HTA site took a double payment from me on the same day with receipts. Another payment left my credit card but wasn’t receipted. I have contacted the support centre of GSC and HTA but get absolutely no answers to my questions/queries other than demands for my credit card number.

For the win, Captain Vick!

Vick’s latest Doña Paz venture is called Big Idea Mastermind (any resemblance to a real idea or mastermind is purely coincidental). The concept behind this current BIM charlatan-ship is to plainly ride in the wake of another hyped up poop dream, Empower Network.

While EN lures the hapless hopeful through magically enriching educational materials, BIM reels in through … even more magically enriching educational materials! Like they always say in Hogwarts where Harry flaps his quasi-sentient wand and Hermione gives you a blowjob, You can never get enough hallucination-education!

From the wizardly Interwebz:

Big Idea Mastermind is part of Empower Network. This pure hype and BS They get you join for $45. Then they tell you that this is the basic level and the training and money you make at this level is not very good and need to upgrade good to the $500 level. or $1000 or all in at $3500. They don’t tell you that up front.

But after he screwed so many customers/marks, eventually his criminal past came back to cyber chomp him on the ass … and Vick surfaced again as the convicted felon Vitaliy. People started to doubt his (nonexistent) integrity and Vick had to issue some response. If you have the stomach for it, here’s Vicktaliy unintelligibly murmuring and muttering for half an hour:

Update: The video has been taken down … because Vick is a bastardous wussy.

Here’s a concise summary of Vick’s version of the course of events (in between one digression to another diversion):

  1. Vick didn’t mention the story until now because it didn’t “serve anybody.” Why would a grand theft conviction be relevant to people who might give Vick their money?
  2. Vick was an awesome salesman!
  3. Vick doesn’t know shit about math. Apparently, this is not really a required qualification for an awesome salesman.
  4. Vick needed money for “something,” so in order to get a “thing” in advance he kinda sorta filed a bunch of sorta fake insurance applications for kinda sorta fictional people. Kinda sorta.
  5. Vick kinda sorta “forgot” to return the in advance “thing” and so a few years later he was surprisingly arrested, because presumably that’s what the law calls “stealing.”
  6. Vick devised his later ruses in the best place to devise anything, in prison!
  7. Anybody who mentions Vick’s GRAND THEFT CONVICTION FELONY is just a jealous hater and one should never ever merely allude Vitaliy/Vick Strizheus’ GRAND THEFT CONVICTION FELONY.


  • MH

    Oh man…you got me in tears over here lmao! I actually wrote a post about him early on before I knew about his “kinda sorta” insurance fraud. Of course if you mention any of this in the EN community, you’re just a wussyhater of course.

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Obviously you’re not supposed to say something like that within the EN congregation … one of the most basic premises of any cult is that you can’t shake its basic ramshackle foundations … and the truth is such a shattering old hag!

  • http://youtube.com/sabot96 Ethan Vanderbuilt

    I created a YouTube video on this guy. Big Idea Mastermind And Vick Strizheus are out to take your money.

    • Jimmy Mits. Canada

      Ethan another loser who has nothing and never will. I feel bad for you sir. You couldn’t succeed at Empower Network if someone gave you the $5000 to get all in.

      • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

        Hi “Jimmy” the proxy! Is that you, Vick? Leaving multiple comments on this awesome post about you with a fake name? That’s pathetic, you miserable felon.

        This is the only fake comment of your criminal existence that I’m gonna keep here … just to show everybody what kind of a stupid scammer you are.



          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat


            … no.

    • Yuriy Anishchenko

      jeese, you keep looking at your cheat sheet board, why? you couldn’t memorize why BIM and EN are a scam??? buahahaha

    • Marco Grandes

      Ethan, I watched your video and guess what, I joined EN and BIM an hour later.

      Your video is pathetic, you make a fool of yourself -I obviously only saw one of the videos in your blog. I can imagine that the rest are exactly the same: CRAP.

      You call yourself a “scambuster” but you are the only one running a scam here, trying to get visitors to your site by posting LIES.

      I am just starting my business with EN and BIM, and everything I have learned so far is enough to notice that you are full of it.

      If I were you I’d stop promoting that video, you make yourself look like an idiot.

      Do yourself a favor and review EN and BIM products, do something useful for a change, and post something honest about them.

      Marco Grandes
      Quito, Ecuador

      • http://ethanvanderbuilt.com/ Ethan Vanderbuilt

        Sometimes you can’t keep a sucker from losing his money. I hope others will learn from your mistake.

        • Marco Grandes

          Forget about commissions and profit.

          I have access to a lot of materials about internet marketing for $25! Do you honestly believe that that is losing money?

          I am asking this question because I would REALLY like to know your answer.

          THANKS for answering.


          • Marco Grandes

            That’s what I thought, you have NOTHING to say now -your last reply took you 3 minutes…

            And since you never did have anything to say… you should have not wasted your time making that video, and everybody else’s time when they watch it.

            Just a clarification, I am not calling you an idiot, it’s just a fact that speaking about something you know nothing about, makes you look LIKE an idiot.

            Please stop wasting people’s time and remove that video from your blog (you will do yourself a favor too).


            P.S. feel free to answer my previous question any time.

      • Mike

        Hi Marco
        Have you made any money yet?

  • http://alekseyzuravlov.com/ Aleksey Zuravlov

    Whoa! That’s quite an eye-opener. Now phrase “Dave and his convict friend Vick…” (which I saw on Ben Davis blog, I think) has completely different meaning. Looks like he actually was a convict..

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Con men usually use their felonious past as a way of saying “Oh, look how I have evolved and progressed since those difficult times (and you can too!)” while they never actually take the full responsibility for their criminal misdeeds.

      If you mention it, though, then they will call you a negative hater and that “the past is the past” or another similar stupid statement. But the past is not just the past when the convicted fraudster is still actively misleading and bilking.

      • Limey

        I’m amazed at the time and effort that some of you guys are prepared to put into your comments. Omri no matter what your or my take on BIM is, to spend a huge amount of your life eaten up with hate, rage and negativity isn’t doing you any good.

        • Omri’s cock.

          Omri needs a blowjob/employment asap.

          {Editor note: The convicted felon Vick is getting grumpy!}

      • chuckfreyer

        Omri – but he is legally reformed whereas your kind committed 9/11. We will not forget. You will not progress in our nation. Every business is aware of foreigners like you and will never promote you to senior ranks. You filthy Iranian agent.

        • madethatway

          What an intelligent response, chuckie – racial villification based on something that Omri had nothing to do with.

          I guess reaching new lows is the norm from pyramid scheme defenders.

  • John Messer

    All I have to say is thank the Lord Vick is a Scam artist. Because of him and what he teaches I have gone 5 years of making less than $500/yr online to now making over $5000 a month online. Thank the Lord for Vick and his scams. I now am my own boss making a good living.

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Oh yeah, Richy Rich? What’s your website? Let me check it and see if you really are making all those monies you pretend to be doing.

      • Omri Shabat -Child Molester

        Yea, ballers are rushing to give a scum bag like you their urls. So you and the rest of the losers can defame them. People are actually making money out there unlike you, Omri.

        {Editor note: The convicted felon Vick is getting angry!}

  • John Messer

    By the way Ethan is a jerk and doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in reality or anyone else who say’s Vick is bogus. I know for a fact by my monthly income the negative people don’t know what they are talking about.

    • Sebastiaan Vaz

      Ethan thinks everything is a scam lol, just as miserable as omri shabat lol

  • John Messer

    Guess I’m going to be called a scammer next since I’m making money due to Vick. Bring it on losers.

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Keep leaving comments here and call others losers … it sure is a sign you’re benefiting from a great magical success.

      Even if you are a wannabe scammer, nobody cares about your pathetic lame insignificant existence. Go away, impoverished troll.

  • Being from mars

    Why do you hate Vick so much? Apart from him actually being able to take you to court for slander why do you hate him?

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Firstly, nobody can take you to court for “slander” … the word you were searching for is “defamation.”

      Secondly, Vick is a piece of garbage talking bullshit. He’s a con man, and a pretty stupid one (stealing money and then “forgetting” to return it? Seriously?).

      Thirdly, if you think Vick is able to take me to court … then you shouldn’t spew catcrap about law stuff you know shit about … because your statement holds no concrete validity.

  • Vick Strizheus

    Hey guys its Vick. Thanks for the free publicity. It would, however, be better and you wouldn’t make yourself look as foolish if you actually did a little bit of a research before posting your “I hate you Vick” thoughts publicly and making yourself look totally dumb.

    Here’s why:

    1. Vick is my middle name and I was always using that even when I was selling insurance.

    2. It seems you hate Vick so much that even after watching my video where I talk about what happened (the same video you posted above) and actually explain the details, you still twisted what I explained in the video. LOL.

    Hey, no biggie…. happens. I understand.

    3. Even since I first started online I never left or abandoned any of my customers. If I released or moved to a different program I was always being upfront with my customers and members. In fact, most of the time my members were grandfathered in to the new program either for free or at a very deep discount.

    I actually have a lot of people on my team right now that got started with me 8 years ago.

    Cool, isn’t it?

    I know…

    4. The 4 complaints you’re spotlighting above are probably the ONLY 4 you could find on the internet, huh? If you found a few more, they were probably made by the same people using different anonymous names.

    If you would do your research a little better, you would know that over the last few years I’ve actually worked with over 20,000 people.

    If my stuff did not work, do you think people would be following and recommending? Hmm…

    5. I’m curious as to why you didn’t spot light any of the testimonials from people that are actually DOING the stuff I teach and are getting incredible results?

    Very interesting…

    If I had to guess, I would say that you, Omri, may actually be a cool person but you’re living a miserable life and you hate it. So therefore, you just hate everybody who’s doing something more than you.

    Am I correct?

    Of course you’re going to say “NO”…. and the ONLY reason you would say that is because you’re so focused on living in misery and crap that you don’t know anything better.

    The cool thing is if you actually find something useful to be passionate about you can change your life.

    You will sleep better at night. You will be more happier. You will enjoy life instead of hating it.

    Stop being a dork and grow up.

    If you’re going to bash somebody, at least get your facts straight so you don’t make yourself look stupid.


    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      It must be hard seeing the atrocities you’ve been perpetrating all your life come back and bite your felonious ass in the form of a simple blog post which makes everybody laugh at you … but that’s what you get for being a scammer. You gave a list of some lame points … here are my (not lame) counterpoints:

      1. I didn’t twist your words and make you look stupid … you did that all by yourself. You tried to manipulatively make your criminal past look like one big unfortunate mistake. If I would have wanted to show a different version of reality as it had occurred (which I never do), I wouldn’t have embedded the video.

      2. Pointing out that “Vick” is your middle name is completely irrelevant because I never claimed otherwise nor attempted to paint a picture where you lied about your name. But I guess I shouldn’t expect too much from a person for whom deceit is his life’s work.

      3. You don’t have “customers,” only prey that you take advantage of for your own personal selfish financial gain. In fact, since this awesome post was published, many of your victims have approached me in private and told me many more hideous stories about you and how you looted huge sums from them … I’m considering dedicating a whole new blog post just to those enormities alone.

      Cool, isn’t it? I know …

      4. “Omri is just a jealous hater and miserable blah blah blah …” – Pathetic prevalent tactic of scammers that don’t really have anything substantive to say. The truth (do you know that word?) is that I could be the most forlorn person in the world and it still wouldn’t matter … because it doesn’t alter any of the facts regarding your fraudulent nature and your crimes.

      5. The mere fact that you came here and commented in a supposed nonchalant manner just shows how non-nonchalant and fake you actually are … as per usual.

      6. Go read a book for fuck’s sake, science says it’s good for your brain.

      If you’re going to bash the bestest bashing of somebody, at least don’t sound like the scammy oafish scoundrel that you are … but yet again, that’s the only thing you know and probably ever will. Being a moronic sociopath is boring like that.

      • Vick Strizheus

        seems to me like you have a very miserable life buddy.. good luck.

        • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

          Nice nothing of a retort … typical to con men … and kinda like you.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Lol Vick, let them be, we know better buddy.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Omri, good luck with your business. The only people you’ll attract in your life will be just as miserable as you are.

            I wish you the best, read the science of being great ;-)

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            Didn’t I already prove what a pathetic lying bastard you are, Sebastiaan?

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Prove? With what facts?

            PROVE I aint making money with BIM, you simply can’t u poor poor doggy

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            I don’t think you understand how it works … if you make income claims, you need to prove them … not me. There are actually even little laws about these petty issues.

            But of course you can’t prove anything … because you’re a hopeless impoverished liar.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Can u prove I am a liar?


          • chuckfreyer

            Sebastian do not worry this Omri Shabat is a filthy foreigner that has come to our nation (or his parents) only to end up as an extremist defaming “legal” businesses. If we can get them deported then I will contribute. We need to get him onto the news channels. This is how these filthy people try to ruin business in our nation. These Hezbollah , Al Qaida new tactics.

        • Lukas

          LOL, yeah they defiantly do have a VERY miserable life!!!

        • Stan Mashon

          well, unfortunate for me, you just took me for $500. shame on you vick you’re people just keep giving me the run around for day’s and days and days. absolutely disgusting. i don’t get it, if someone pays you $500 for a simple download, why not just give them what they paid for vick?

      • chuckfreyer

        Omri Shabat is a filthy foreigner that has come to our nation (or his parents) only to end up as an extremist defaming “legal” businesses. If you Omri the foreigner had any “leg” to stand upon then you can sue . But instead you can’t sue: you have to resort to defamation, you middle Eastern Iranian piece of non sense trying to jab at American “legally established” businesses

    • Lukas

      Yes Vick :) You are the best mentor. There are and there always will be those hatters, but you are awesome, you will always have more than 100000000000000 times people who like you and thankful.

      • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

        @e41a9851a1a2296163aad646c6e8d988:disqus, what kind of a hat am I wearing? And how exactly am I a defiant against my own life?


  • Susie Lage

    Hi Guys I hate to rain on your hate parade, but I’m making money with Vick Strizheus and for the 1st time in my internet marketing career. As a matter of fact, everyone else I encountered before him, I actually really got swindled by. This guy is the real deal, since I’m an insider (unlike yourselves), I can attest to the success of everyone that takes massive action. P.S. I was fully aware of all the complaints before I signed on with Big Idea Mastermind, but had already received benefit from applying Vick’s trainings, I couldn’t resist to follow him into BIM…. and I’m so glad I did. P.P.S. Dude a really quick browse through this website and everything is negative oriented. Can’t you find something better to write about?

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      You are being disingenuous and it really isn’t the place for this BS.

      You are not making money online:

      1. your website with the laughable domain name, bigideamastermindflourish[dot]com, has no traffic at all.

      2. You have an almost non-existence social media fan base.

      3. Almost nobody is watching your videos on YouTube.

      4. On many of your web properties you are just directly promoting Vick, which leads me to believe you are actually an employee of his. You obviously didn’t disclose that petty fact.

      5. Don’t attest to others’ fake success if you can’t even back up your own fake success … unlike all your friends from the EN conferences, I actually research and validate claims.

      6. You said that you were swindled in the past by scammers but then you criticized this awesome website which exposes scammers. Quite an uncaring and foolish statement of yours.

      7. Leave your “real deal” and “take massive action” cult-rhetoric to the fraudulent cult you pretend you are so happy with.

      For your fake success!

      • Sebastiaan Vaz

        Lol u hate ur life so much that u went trough all of this info to come with a comeback!!

        I LOVE BIM so much that I take the time to make u redicilous on ur own blog! lol

        • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

          It’s so hard to spell properly … right, Sebastiaan? But who needs that if you could make fake money with Vick!

          The more comments you leave here … the more pathetic you appear … and it just shows your own personal frustration with the sick machine you’re involved with … and that keeps on taking your money.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Lol! I’m from the Netherlands so my English ain’t that perfect as YOU ARE!

            Hahaha my frustration, or YOURS? Hahaha I’m living the life of my dream at this point, I’m just defending Vick since HE MADE IT POSSIBLE.

            U poor, miserable man

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            Let me tell you a little secret … English isn’t my native language as well. But unlike your uneducated and unskilled (and unscrupulous) fake heroes who relish on the money you keep on giving them every month … I actually went and learned some stuff.

            Now fuck off.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            I’m in the Internet Marketing industry for over 2 years now. In those years I learned much although these were the “basic principles” which everyone knows.

            It is when I started to get to know High Traffic Accademy and after that Big Idea Mastermind when the real doors of unlimited wealth opened themself to me.

            I am learning more awesome and amazing stuff than EVER before and guess what? It all comes from BIG IDEA MASTERMIND and EMPOWER NETWORK.

            There is no reason for me not to “fuck off” since this is a place for miserable people and not successful, positive and healthy minded people like BIM and EN members.

            Look at your age man. I want to know if you could speak three fluent languages when you where 20 years old ;-)

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            Yeah, yeah, yeah … I already heard all that BS before. You got the “Internet Marketing Education” … right. And you even learned how to capitalize entire words, good for you!

            Your prolonged stay here just illustrates that something really bothering you with EN and BMI. You don’t make any money, the bills are piling up and Vick is constantly urging you to pour more money into this crap you yourself already starting to doubt.

            I forgive you for all your baseless attacks against the people here … because, after all, you’re just another victim.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Why would I keep on continuing commenting if I wouldn’t be making any money after being in BIM for 2 months?

            My prolonged stay here demonstrates my love for BIM and nothing else.

            We all know that in your eyes things do not look like they are, you need help buddy…. Your beliefs are programmed in a very bad way!

            I’m SURE you are NOT a popular person in LIFE ;-)

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            Prove your claims or fuck off, chump.

          • chuckfreyer

            You get out of our nation your 9/11 terror and take your family with you else we will slice and dice them, you evil piece of no gooder. This is the land of the free where you can sue the above man but only if he is in the wrong.

        • michael

          Vitaliy/Vick Strizheus is a scam artist i was looking at his Big Idea Mastermind presentation i seen my sponsor name on the left hand side of the presentation and there was a timer on the top of the page it was a count down clock you have 24hr to sign up for the free 1 year so the time ran out so this morning i went on to join and in the sponsors name Vick Strizheus name appeared instead of the original sponsor. SO THE ORIGINAL SPONSOR WENT TO ALL THE TROUBLE AND MONEY TO GET THE LEAD AND HE GETS CUT OUT

          • Ivan Sumin

            michael, please do some research on how the system works before you criticize the founder.

            Have a better day ;-)

            Ivan Sumin

      • Shitbag


        {Editor note: The convicted felon Vick is getting furious!}

  • Sebastiaan Vaz

    Poor people u guys, you all come here to talk about how bad ur life is! Haha Lol

    See ya at the beaches of the world, ohh no, I forgot: U guys are not in BIM! Lol!

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Haha lol (x1,356) … now fuck off, “beach” (or probably just “bitch”).

      • Sebastiaan Vaz

        Haha I can feel ur frustration, don’t worry, t’s normal when u got nothing better to do.

        Hey what’s that? I just made a $1000 passup commission while calling u a no lifer! THANKS Big Idea Mastermind!!!

        • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

          Wow Sebastiaan, I researched a bit about you … and you really impressed me …

          Maybe it’s your lame website that nobody ever visits (because it’s stupid) or maybe it’s your lame YouTube videos nobody ever watches (because they’re stupid) … or maybe it’s just your ridiculous naiveté as you haplessly still believe you can make some money with EN and BIM.

          Now fly away little lying wingless bird, fly away to your fantasy land where Vick is cool and you’re making money.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            My lame website? My lame youtube videos? Dude u need to get your facts together, maybe you are the one who is lame?

            I own more than 15 websites and 5+ youtube accounts so good luck figuring them out.

            Dude, I just feel so bad for u! U must be alone whole day aren’t you?

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            Oh yeah? You can send me your websites and/or YouTube accounts to omri@glancingweb.com … come on, let me see if you really are all that super-successful online. If not, fuck away in shame.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            I don’t need to prove my success, I dont need to prove anything.

            Especially not to a man who can’t provide any good to this world ;-)

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            Ha! Just what I thought … you’re just another poor victim with unattainable dreams.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Lol I woke up with commissions, u woke up with…. Oh wel, I dont even want to know lol!!

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            Sure little buddy … sure …

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Glad I got you silent

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            After you’ve just proved my point with your valueless comments, I’m just waiting for you to leave already … which is quite sad for you considering how much you supposedly hate this site.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Lol, I ask the people to consider your comments and mine and judge for themselfes which one of us has the LEAST and UNRESEARCHED comments ;-)

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            What you do with your friends, it’s your business. Now, again, prove your claims or fuck off.

          • Sebastiaan Vaz

            Why won’t you prove your claims since this is YOUR BLOG?

            Are you really such a idiot?

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            I already proved my claim on the post, oaf. Now you have made some substantial income claims, prove them or forever begone.

            Unless you’re going to prove something, I’m going to delete any future useless comment you make, because you’re already just practically spamming.

  • http://michaelgkeating.com/ Michael Keating

    I’m kinda curious after reading all of this back and forth banter. I know nothing about this highly controversial Vick man, but it is entertaining though! I want to see the websites that Sebastiaan Vaz is running. Seems you have been called out. Won’t show your hand. And that kinda means you backed down ;) Just to be transparent, I’m not an affiliate marketer, I have no affiliate websites and I don’t make money from my personal sites. I just like the truth…

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Sebastiaan is the typical case of fake it till you make it … or declare insolvency (which is a much more probable scenario).

      • Daniel

        Hi Guys, U all sound like kidos fighting for recognition from who! I don’t know bse none of u da way I see can ever buy da other’s success or stories for that matter, so I say cut the crap all yo and be constructive.
        Let me be the judge.
        Omri – on the account of accusing Vick to be……u may be right but people change especially if he has p’ple who see good in him, so get over it buddy else take yo case to court, bse u sound so true with what u’re sayin and yo allegations build a punishable case in the courts of law.
        Vick & friends – What Omri is lamenting about, holds substance. Fact: there are many p’ple of Omri kind (wid such testimonies) who quit this biz crying foul for different reasons, but most importantly I will fault u abt this. U build a big fuss of this biz and recruit p’ple with much expectations, little help or support once they subscribe, and what happens after one month? renew recurring costs, no income as yet and a lot of complaints arising from mainly lack of significant support (training).
        I have written before on one blog platform & I cautioned support teams about their reluctance in providing detailed answers to critical hurdles in this biz and I said, there is a diff. btn one going to sch. and using a computer for biz (just like speaking English and writing it) bse this biz is purely computer-based, so many p’ple need that good orientation once they subscribe to join this biz community bse activities that are there are not obvious and the biz it’self is more less abstract. I say, u work on the marketing strategies and put training first before anything so that a person fails to prosper and puts the blame solely on their lazy ass other than on mgt. Surely I have written about this concern too several times and to avoid such instances coming up every noe and again, biz mgt shud change the recruiting and retaining strategies; it is what will make this biz sustainable and transparent and ‘concerned’ p’ple like Omri will neva hv a slot to yap again.
        Daniel, UG

        • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat


          It was very stupid of you to paint this story merely as a couple of kids who are quarreling for daddy’s attention. There are victims here … very real ones who had suffered (and others still are) from a serious financial and emotional harm.

          Vick is a criminal. He always was as I showed in the article and he continues with his vile delinquency conduct today. He’s an unprincipled parasite who bilks the gullible while he exerts manipulations and lies … and after he fully drains his preys, he put the blame on them. That’s the sort of sociopathic felon that he is.

          So regardless to what you think about my “lamenting,” at least have some compassion towards those who had suffered and towards the ones who are still caught in this vicious swindling cycle … got that, you oblivious motherfucker?

          • Ruben Haro

            My dear sirs (or any other compassionate person) Would you kindly tell me then, if I am a newbbie and I want to fire my boss and have success in IM not for personal glory but to be able to benefit my community, what can I do now? Frankly, you scared me. I had great expectations for this business. That is all I want. Pardon me for sounding so naive.

          • GEE U R U

            I agree with Ruben Haro
            I was looking forward to really getting in the business to learn the different strategies to go become successful in the internet marketing world, but it seems like everything is really smoke and mirrors! The only people getting the real money are the inventors or shall i say the founders of the programs or organizations. True enough, there will be people who make what we call chump change, in comparison to the real millions that floats to the top. This is in all things. This is the nature of or any structural organized organization, the problem is when those millions of dollars at the top arent shared with or doesn’t trickle down to the real work horses that made the company successful in the first place. Why is it that these so called “founders” have to constantly create and recreate programs , year after year ? Simply put, they are short term programs that will eventually bottom out because there are only so many people who will buy into schemes. The so called Gurus, make their money over and over from the same day dreamers! The real money is becoming the GURU! Gee U R U…….Use your brains!

  • raybassman

    Well Omri, It sounds like you are just a loser all the way around the bases. Sorry it did not hit a home run for you as it did for so many others who were successful as they actualy “listened” and “applied” what Vick really teached. If you can’t make it with Vick’s talent, thens perhaps you might want to try Chris Farrell. Chris is an award winning teacher.

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      I can’t tell for sure if you are stupidly serious or just jesting … but I suspect that you are indeed an idiot.

      When you put words inside brackets it actually implies about the contradiction of those words. In this case, that people can’t listen to Vick and that they can’t apply his bullshit. You probably didn’t mean that, though … because of all that idiot thing.

  • Dan

    This is hilarious. First of all, may I say 2 words. MIND. SET.


    Secondly, may I point something out by using a quotation of Omri Shabat’s. I copied and pasted this so it really is word for word. Ready?…

    “The more comments you leave here … the more pathetic you appear”

    Omri has a total of 24 comments. Sebastiaan Vaz only has 17.

    That is all.

    Good day.

    • Dan

      Whereas I only have 1. I mean 2! (including this one!) oh no… i used brackets! hahaha

  • http://alekseyzuravlov.com/ Aleksey Zuravlov

    This article is already on spot #2 in Google!

    Great job, Omri!

  • Rena

    Ahahahahhaha lol. Now this is something worth reading and something worth laughing at! Everyone’s entitled to some stupidity at one point in their lives. Lol. I am not a part of Vicks BIG program but now I’m definitely curious and I’m definitely going to join! :) Serious guys… The world has enough negative to go around. So unless you’ve personally been burnt by this guys programs I don’t see the point in spreading more hate. We have enough going around in this world. NOW… I’ll be the first to say that if he burnt me personally… I’d be spreading that shit like wildfire. But this all just seems like you guys are trying to discredit the guy for your own selfish glory. Be tasteful, not tacky. Anyways… I enjoyed the read, it was very entertaining :) Especially the comments.

    Cant’ we all just get along…??? Lol.

  • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

    For all of you who wish to discover more fun atrocities of Vick, here’s another hilarious piece:


  • kschang

    Wow, such schemes has spread all the way to Africa! Quick, Omri, help a scambuster enlighten the masses!


  • Ivan Sumin

    First off, I would like to thank you Omri Shabat for the free publicity you are providing for our team! You are using your mental faculties, your technology and you are paying for hosting! You are amazing :-)

    Second, I would like to point out to you that you are posting trash about Vick Strizheus and Big Idea Mastermind and I can bet $1,000,000 you have never met him in person.

    And finally, it also looks like you are trashing online business programs yet you are still trying to make money off the visitors to your site via ads and banners. Isn’t that a double standard?

    Thanks a lot for the publicity!

    Ivan Sumin

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      You know what they say, there’s no such thing bad publicity! Except, you know, some really bad publicity.

      Your implication that I can’t say anything about Vick until I’d meet him in person is really, but really, stupid. I also didn’t meet Joseph Stalin … does it mean that I can’t be sure if he killed all those people. Like I said, stupid.

      I’m not trashing “online business programs” … I’m only writing about crime and criminals. And Vick, make no mistake about it, is a criminal who commits felonies by using cult-tactics and then sending his brainwashed proxies to do his dirty work.

      From your website, Ivan:

      “Learn personal development, how to generate traffic and build your wealth. All from the comfort of your couch!”

      If only you could have attained just a little bit of traffic (and wealth I presume) yourself, it might not be such a blatant lie.

      Thanks a lot for the pageviews!

  • Jason Armstrong

    I bought several products from the big idea mastermind series and the products to me are pure gold!!!I am an avid follower of vick and have never been let down by his system!!!! Love ya man

  • John

    Great post. For all those that are trying to prove that Omri is wrong, well there are always second opinion. Here is a link to a post that has been done by Ash Campbell http://ashcampbell.com/vick-strizheuz-big-idea-mastermind-scam/

  • Raye

    Hi Vick.. I totally support you and your vision. To Omri… stop fighting a losing battle and be at peace with your true self. Everybody have a “dark” secrets in their life due to moments of foolishness. DO NOT allow that be the stumbling block in your life. Repent, forgive yourself and move forward. Remove all hates and fill with love… the choice is always yours. To be Happy, angry, sad or whatever so choose wisely my friend.

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Oh, marvelous joy! Let us just forget all the crime, criminals, pain, suffering, misery and anguish! Let us pretend these vexing victims DO NOT exist at all … because fuck ‘em if their agony is hindering the lavish lifestyle of a few monstrous predators!

      Happy, mirth, love, bliss … ignore the “Oops! He fell and scammed a lot of good people!” because everybody’s been there, right?

      Now fuck off … my friend.

  • Dave Desormeau

    Thank God Vick Is a scam and because of his scam I’m able to make $6000 in 3 days…

    • Dave Desormeau

      you want more…..I can Keep going

      • Dave Desormeau

        Just tell me when To stop

        • Dave Desormeau

          I Just Can’t stop

          • Dave Desormeau

            That’s what I thought

          • fastTrack

            That’s awesome Dave! Way to go!

          • Luis

            I would like to see the check with all that money in your name!

          • http://ethanvanderbuilt.com/ Ethan Vanderbuilt

            Yes. You can’t stop scamming people out of their money. It is truly a disgusting display to watch.

  • DawnFields

    Kinda does sound as if you are “hating.” I’m just saying. Who spends their time to research and write about someone for no reason. He’s not a celebrity. This article didn’t bring you any money. So why do it? Only a hater would do something like this FOR NO PROFIT. Perhaps you should spend as much energy into trying to find something positive to do with your time instead of focusing some much on someone who obviously doesn’t know you and you don’t really know also. I’m just saying….kinda makes you look like you’re in sucker mode.

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      Only a hater, for sure!

      Who cares about those stupid naive people who are getting scammed, right?

      • DawnFields

        Don’t you have to be a certain age in order to join a MLM program? An age when you can make your own decisions, right? Did he SCAM you? I’m just curious cause you didn’t really make it clear that you have been scammed by him. NOR did you give any information about HOW it’s a scam other than the fact that this guy had a situation where he did some illegal stuff in the past but I don’t get the connection to what he is doing NOW. A man with a wife and kids, might do whatever he has to do to help pay for his family. (I worked in the insurance field and I was tempted to do this myself for the little amount of money I was getting.) He may also have easily been “scared straight” so you bringing up his past doesn’t seems like a way to help people not be scammed cause you haven’t proved anything that what he is doing now isn’t a scam. Since you didn’t prove anything, it seems like you are hating. If you are going to do a piece like this one someone, you best to have some REAL PROOF that what you are saying is a SCAM. But you haven’t proved that. Perhaps you should leave this type of work up to REAL JOURNALIST who understand how to really PROVE something before you start messing with people’s lives by hating cause a man has turned his life around. Journalist GET PAID for what they write so they do real research and make points that PROVE that what they are saying is indeed FACT. What you have posted here doesn’t help anyone. Just makes you look like you are hating on some guy. And makes you appear as if you need a life. Perhaps you should JOIN his organization to find out if it really is a scam or not. If you would have done THAT then I might have believed what you stated. Especially if you could PROVIDE PROOF. But so far, you haven’t. Sorry

        • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

          Do you see all those little things called “words” all the way further up? Do you see those red things called links? Do you see this square with a big play button in the middle? Did you see my follow-up post with even more of those words, links, videos and testimonies of victims?


          If all those stuff weren’t enough for you, then you must be one of the following:

          1. Someone with an undisclosed financial interest in BIM.
          2. Dumbass.
          3. Vick (which automatically makes you a dumbass).

          If you don’t like the sad stories here … just go up and up and up to the address bar at the top and click on something like IamAnAsshole .com or something. Oh, and you should really use capitalization in a smarter way … it just loses its charm after a while.

          • DawnFields

            LOL. No I’m not Vick and No I don’t even know what BIM is. But the links you provided just have ONE person on each link complaining. That isn’t proof to me especially in today’s society. If a person has one little complaint they go to these complaint boards and complain. If the complaints are all coming from Pennsylvania, then that means they are the same person. So, yeah…not a lot of proof. Perhaps YOU are the Dumbass who believes one complainer equates to REAL PROOF. I’m done with you. You bore me now and he simple fact that you KEEP REPEATEDLY RESPONDING goes to show that you have a personal hate for this man. You are truly a hater. You need to work on yourself to find out WHY you hate this guy so much. In stead of hating him, why not duplicate him. I’m about to find out what BIM is cause you sure have sold ME on his greatness. Keep up the good for.cause you are truly providing FREE publicity and that is what most businesses want. I think I will make him my next mentor.

          • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

            Okay, dumb-dumb. Bye. Or as you like it, BYE.




  • Shot at

    I have a question for “Vick” and any other so called “SCAMMER”S doing online business. Do you ever worry about some of the people who lost lots of money with your program deciding that they want revenge How do you protect yourself from someone deciding to kill you, your wife or your kids?

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      As much as I would like to see Vick and his delinquent junta brought to justice, I completely denounce the tiniest hint of violent retribution … not against Vick, and certainly not against his family. We should raise awareness to their atrocities and urge the pertinent law enforcement agencies to (finally) act, but we should NEVER wield any sort of violence as a tool.

      That’s what separating us from vile animals like them.

  • Johnny

    Omri, just by your language and profanities I can tell that you are a miserable soul with PLENTY of time to waste. I think people would take you a lot more seriously if you wrote your words without swearing. Plus– I also think some one needs to take a shit on your face.

  • Joe Cason

    Vick changed my life for the better. I do not believe any of this bullshit. He is a great guy and has really helped me.

  • pat

    omar buddy its ok we all get a little jealous sometimes, but to waste ur time writing an article like this….o boy, good luck man

  • http://youtube.com/sabot96 Ethan Vanderbuilt

    I recently revealed in my blog that Vick was using a rental home as a prop for his videos and pictures and calling it his home. In Miami he stood on a stage in front of thousands of people and admitted this and explained why you should do the same thing. It is just amazing that people continue to fall for this. http://ethanvanderbuilt.com/2013/07/28/big-idea-mastermind-and-vick-strizheus-are-a-scam-yes-they-are-in-my-opinion/

  • hentaisama

    This page is really amusing.
    I must say, I did not know anything about this obvious ponzi scam until two days ago, when I was reached by the “latin” branch of BIM.

    Same video, spanish subs. The scam now is worlwide available! Hooray!

    Kudos to Vick, who has made a big effort to push all the bad rep of his name in a google search. I had to go to page 3 to find the thruth about this smuck.

  • Ando

    Lol, didn’t remember I have an account for this discussion app.
    Anyway, I read a big part of the comments and, holy crap, they mostly sound like an evangelistic preach…

  • Jasmine Johnson

    with people and the level of intelligence displayed here is extremely absurd. It could be the fact, or the lack of, success
    you are able to accumulate within your life, or maybe just pure jealousy,
    either way no one’s opinion matters. An opinion is just that, a view or
    judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. If
    something hasn’t formulated into the results you desire, it is solely because
    of your own lack of efforts. I am a better individual in every single aspect of
    my life, and I give all of my thanks and utmost respect to Vick and Big Idea
    Mastermind, as well as Empower Network and all of its leaders for providing the
    vision and guiding me to bring it into existence. There has been an unlimited
    amount of abundance in every single way imaginable which is all derived from
    the mentorship and trainings provided within Big Idea Mastermind alone, not
    even to include Empower Network. No one has the ability to “take” anything from
    you, and no one will ever be able to make you do anything. Never have I experienced any of these complaints, but what I do know is that one’s inability to
    make a decision and take FULL responsibility for what happens as the result, will always lead to one thing…being broke. I’m sad to read that there’s adults who still play the
    blame game and play victim to life. The level of conversation here speaks
    BROKE. Broke mentalities with a focal point on what others are doing screams
    out failure… please read a book, you should begin with “Secrets of The Millionaire
    Mind” by T. Harv Eker or “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Transform your
    life and change your mindset

  • Marco Grandes

    Vick’s teachings are VERY helpful to people all over the world.

    Omri, you just don’t get what this is about (that makes you ignorant), and you talk about something you don’t know (that makes you stupid), as if you did know about it (that makes you a liar). Please shut up and ask the people that do know about this BEFORE running your mouth like a kid that does not know what he is doing.

    I have been going over Vick’s products and they are AWESOME, he has given me an education on something so new and powerful, and I am THANKFUL for that. How many people have you EVER helped out? In some way? In any way? You think that by writing these hateful comments on something of which you know nothing about, you are doing somebody a favor?

    Vick’s personal matters are just that, his personal stuff, you have no right to meddle with his personal affairs; so PLEASE STOP IT.

    The poeple at EN and BIM are people who want to do business and help other people out. If that is not in your agenda (I can see that what’s in your agenda is just acting like an infant) then you just stop annoying us serious businessmen with your stupidity.

    Vick, a personal message for you: “Thanks for all your hard work, and thanks for WANTING to help other people out. I am just starting my business with EN and BIM, but its really exciting to see that there are great people like you out there. You ARE going to change this industry, and the lives of a lot people. (I get you).”

    Marco Grandes

    Quito, Ecuador.

  • chubaka

    This guy vick is advertising everywhere. Including on craigslist Argentina. You can rant about him on craigslist all over the world or you can put a counter add next to his telling of his true nature.

  • Tony Tong

    Yup BIM is not as legit as it seems. Check out my review of it here: http://howtomakelegitimatemoneyonline.com/

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