Dean Graziosi’s Nonexistent Properties

Dean Graziosi real estate propertiesIt’s quite the arduous task being Dean Robert Graziosi. Just imagine having to constantly sport the fakest of smiles … spewing ceaseless amounts of false proclamations … abusing the sacred image of your private family in order to humanize yourself to the general public … living with a big dark blob of poop where your soul should be.

There are some human stains that even the toughest of bleachers can’t expunge.

While pluming the phony plumage of a fake-estate real estate expert, this AnDean mainly scavenges in his scaminars for victims. Prey is hunted down and naturally the carcasses with the largest lines of credit are preferred. And just because AnDean is that kind of a special black vulture, he likes to share his carrion with other Andean Cocks so that they too can feast on the leftovers in a  Boiler Room feathered feeding frenzy.

But even sham birds sometimes need to swank their duct-taped wings to display their vain vanity, in order to lure the quarry … and the avian artifice of AnDean are no different. But to quote another fake bird (but yet, much realer than Dean) in very different circumstances: “You, sir, are a demented, sick, degenerate, barbaric, naughty freako!”

For the sake of sustaining his self-asserted aerial aerie acquisition tactics, Dean occasionally post-boasts on Facebook all sorts of bird droppings regarding his own imaginary-estate real estate investments from all around the U.S.- complete with embellished photos, hashtags and the usual poppycock coquetry. For example, an investment from Moline, Illinois:

Holding this unit for myself. Bought it using @realestatematt 25:1 strategy ‎#DeansProperties ‎#iloverealestate ‎#Moline ‎#Illinois

From Kansas City, Missouri:

Great unit we just finished. Holding this one as well, can never have too many;-) ‎#DeansProperties ‎#25to1 ‎#KansasCity ‎#Missouri

And from Montgomery, Alabama:

Great prop we recently finished up. Bought it using @realestatematt 25:1 strategy ‎#DeansProperties ‎#25to1 ‎#Montgomery ‎#Alabama

Wow! That’s really impressive! Bogus brokering and phantom flipping. What a sedulous real estate investor you are … Grazie per Dean Nada! You make papa Trump so proud … and you even make The Blackstone Group’s global assets seem smaller than your own lil’ inbred blue stones. I’m sure all your affirmations could be easily validated and verified … because it would be pretty illegal otherwise.

Checking … checking … checking …

Oops! Well, call me Polly and offer me cracker but no No properties were found for “Dean Graziosi” or “Dean Robert Graziosi” or “Dean Enterprises, LLC” in Moline, Illinois … nor in Kansas City, Missouri … nor in Montgomery, Alabama … nor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin … nor in Detroit, Michigan … nor in any other location where Dean is bragging about bagging and lying about buying.

In fact, the only properties owned by Dean Graziosi appear to be in Phoenix, Arizona where he feathered a few nests for himself and his Venue from hounded ScaMoney, and those do not constitute a real estate investment.

Dean Robert Graziosi, I’m calling you on the record a liar, a swindler, a con man and another deceitful Dean Weener (although it might be a bit irrelevant) … come on, prove me wrong.

Update: After he didn’t succeed silencing GlancingWeb, Dean contacted the site and attempted to convince me he’s just a good guy … which didn’t quite work as well. However, he did show me that he owns some of the properties which he mentions on the social media. Read more about that and other fun stuff like soul-vacuuming boiler rooms here.

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