The Dean Graziosi Real Estate Scaminar

Dean Graziosi Desolation“Dean Graziosi a scam? Certainly not.” Says scammy scammer Dean Graziosi as his perfidious eyes are avariciously leering at your credit card. But fuck me twice and call me libelous, Dean is totally America’s leading real estate investing expert and educator… perhaps in a Bizarro-Seinfeldish kinda way.

The Fake Estate Virtuoso certifies on smarmy infomercials and over the interwebz that he will liberate you from all your financial worries by teaching you how to flip properties for some Peter Pan easy profits, and all you need to do is to participate in an “energetic, info-packed FREE preview event”! Libertà!

…Or maybe not.

The “free” event is essentially an extensive sales pitch where unctuous “coaches” from Dean’s miry racket will whisper sweet nothings into your ear as they try to willfully woo you into registering for a 3-day workshop. There, you’ll learn all the secret secrets of the secret real estate money making secrets for just $1,997! Swindly swindler Dean, if you naively ask, is never in attendance at those events.

Here’s one satisfied attendee sharing her pleasant experience:

My husband and I and everyone else that attended this 4 DREADFUL HOURS OF OUR LIVES EVENT was promised gas cards, free digital cameras. AND DID THEY DELIVER? HA DO YOU EVEN NEED TO ASK?

But hey, people have bills that are piling up and not enough salary to live the good life like the hedonist bilky bilker Dean. The vultures can smell even the slightest stench of desperation… and coax a plethora of hopeful fellows to buy their way into the abyss of nullity by spewing repeatedly how rich they became and how the commoners can, abracadabra, too.

Similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, fraudy fraudster Dean’s 3-day workshop is about fucking. Fucking you. And just like the scripture of E. L. James, Dean wants to entice you to acquire the next volume in the series. Only Dean’s holds absolute zilch of a value… and with a much greater cost.

The 3-day mindshop is chiefly comprised of incessant high-pressure persuasion attempts to sway the participants to enlist in a more intimate seminar where they would truly procure the clandestine ciphers for real estate Donald Trump riches. Doesn’t the forever-wealthy arcane code merit a meager sum of twenty fucking thousand dollars?

What say you, one of many gratified partakers?

On their seminar, 80% per day for three days, they were talking about upgrading our membership to premium for only $12 to $24k and there we will learn the hidden secrets of the industry. Nevertheless, the whole seminar was none sense. All they offered can be found at google for free.

But if you can’t afford the “it costs more than real estate” real estate membership upgrade, crooky crook Dean can also proffer another vacuous proposal to accommodate your stint needs with the $997 Tax Lien Program… which you could effortlessly autodidact elsewhere for gratis.

Besides, by that point quacky quack Dean Graziosi already attained what he lecherously coveted all along… your personal contact information.

Equivalent to the pernicious ploys of other delinquent human-mongers, for cheaty cheater Dean Graziosi you are just as sponge-worthy as a Playboy Bunny is to Elton John… and he will sell you to boiler room companies such as Professional Marketing International (PMI) and Prosper which will brew and stew your credit card to the full.

Here’s just one “OMFG, it’s so fucking sad” web testimonial:

I have personal experience with Dean Graziosi. Through repeated harassing phone calls they convinced my sister to pay $5,000 in advance for a series of video real estate courses and telephone support sessions. They did this before she had completed watching a single one of their tapes. They encouraged her dream of financial independence through real estate and explained it would be a better deal if she bought the whole thing up front.

At the time she was living on government disability payments, confined to a wheelchair from advanced progressive multiple sclerosis, and undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 ovarian cancer.

…And I guess that’s why they call it the blues.

The atrocities of tricky trickster Dean Graziosi have even caught the eye of the usually unwatchful Better Business Bureau (BBB)… which granted his company (Dean Enterprises, LLC) an F for Fuck You rating after an investigation of the BBB top honcho Dana Badgerow.

“Dean Graziosi a scam?” Says I and preemptively retort, “Well, only if you object to being humped, dumped, fucked and chucked.”

  • John

    Don’t know about Dean but I didn’t have to read far into this article before I could see that this guy is a filthy mouth hack.

    • Omri Shabat

      So why don’t you go back to your forlorn apathetic lair where you pretend there aren’t people who are suffering and being defrauded?

      • Albert Vetarossa

        omri shabat i enjoyed reading your review… instead of going to scott yancey semminar on saturday i think im going to spend time with my family in the park

      • Lameity Lameo

        What a waste of time. Clearly, you don’t posses the intellectual capacity to absorb and execute Dean’s strategies, nor the writing skills to form a compelling argument against them. I wondery wonder if this article written by a first-grader.

  • Anthony Tubolino

    Dean, since you have received my complete package for my $2,000. refund which I mailed on July 29, 2013, I have not heard a word from you or your company. If your company is for REAL, please call me at 727 385 6330, or simply send me my $2,000. that your people promised at your seminar in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a completed RE transaction within
    90 days and my transaction was in less than 30 days. I am disappointed and frankly running out of patience when I see all the complaints on the Internet. Let me hear from you, please.

    Anthony Tubolino

  • FriendsForLife
  • bob z

    Read this if you are going to a free event. You will know what your in for beforehand and then you can make your own decision… I got a package in the mail saying you have been invited to a free event. I went to that It was more based on selling you their their 3 day seminar but there was a little information shared. THey would like you to sign up for a 3 day event that will cost you almost 2 grand. I did sign up and went to the 3 day event. During the event you will learn some buying and selling techniques but as I rather quickly discovered that there was going to be something else they wanted to sell you. Some people did not realize what was coming and were surprised when I told them to look for signs like mentioning software and mentors quite frequently. I was a bit annoyed by the whole thing I came to learn not to be up sold. On day 2 it finally was said that they offer mentoring and the software they had been mentioning. The cheapest package was 11000 (eleven thousand) and went up from there. That was quite shocking to a lot of people. Now having a mentor I believe is a good thing and I paid for a package to help me move farther along in my bushiness. Talking with people that could barley afford the first seminar and being asked to pony up more cash for better service is a bit hard to see. I promised some people from my class that they were free to come to my house and use the software and when I get better to help them out. I am lucky I have extra money to spend but In all honesty you could find some of the same techniques on the net if you searched for them and could use the 2 grand to do some investing.


    During the seminar they keep saying anyone disgruntled could write a complaint but I am actually going on with his program I just would like others to be aware of what happens at one of these events

    • mohammadislamic

      I don’t know what “they’ did “wrong” ? …. Whether free or not : a vendor is allowed (and in fact “m-u-s-t”) sell in a capitalist nation … and in your case you even “expected it”. So what is all this complaining? This is the land of capitalism not communism. In communism you CAN’T do the above selling,

  • The Browns

    Does anybody remember when this bozo was selling a program about making money with used cars? That was prior to when he all of the sudden become some real estate empire over night. What a little twit he is ripping people off. I have been a real estate brokers license and know plenty of realtors who have been in the business for years. Don’t you think if there was a way to riches so easily done that many of these agents with experience would have been doing it too? DG is a flim flam artist and those who fall for the scam are either desperate or just don’t have a clue.

  • Rudydrock

    Thank you for this helpful information, I was watching the tv and was almost convinced to go to the seminar but decided to look for reviews and thankfully there is people that take the time to warn others about this long time scammers.

  • dixie

    Frankly, I have investigated a number of investment seminars, real-estate seminars,etc. Remember Charles Givens? I went to Russ Whitney’s, and a few more…ALL OF THEM TELL YOU JUST ENOUGH TO BAIT YOU IN, then they try and trap you into with this super high priced school that they want you to attend, to find out the true information. Their books are the same way, but it is possible to deduce more information from the books than the seminars..The systems will work in a general sense, but you have to fill in the gaps for your self, and the books are the best choices to go with. I have also noticed that nothing works exactly as all of them tell you either. Like I said, the systems are not a crock, but they almost are.