Yahoo Dumps Thompson, Appoints Ross Levinsohn as Interim CEO, Needs a Hero/Savior

Yahoo Sign BrokenOne of the most forlornness (and weird) affairs in Yahoo’s history has finally came to an end. Scott Thompson, the (ex) CEO which “mysteriously” found himself with a computer science degree on his resume (and scandalizing the hell out of Yahoo), is leaving the company.

Just when it appeared that Yahoo board is almost incapable of moving anything, things began shaking. Since yesterday’s morning the web was filled with rumors that Thompson was fired/resigned/switched apartments. But yet, no official confirmation from Yahoo has arrived. That is, until it did after few long hours.

Yahoo issued a press release where the board announced that Scott Thompson “has left the company”. No further details about the circumstances of Thompson’s departure were revealed but it is pretty safe to assume that even if he resigned, he did so unwillingly after a lot of public/employees/board/The Avengers pressure.

Yahoo also added that the company’s head of global media Ross Levinsohn will replace Thompson as interim CEO, position he probably fill until a permanent CEO will be found or until the next scandal will blow out. Just kidding Levinsohn, good luck (god knows you’ll need it)!

According to Levinsohn’s Yahoo page, it states he graduated from The American University with a degree of arts in communications and you can bet your ass Yahoo’s board verified it before appointing him as interim CEO.

More from Yahoo’s statement: The company has reached an agreement with Third Point LLC (led by the super-active shareholder Dan Loeb) which holds nearly 6% of the company’s shares. Effective May 16th, Loeb and his nominees Harry Wilson and Michael Wolf, will party on from Yahoo board of directors while Fred Amoroso appointed as chairman of the board.

AllThingsD has revealed that Levinsohn didn’t wasted time and already released an internal memo to update the company’s eroded employees. There isn’t anything too exciting about the memo just the regular “Yahoo is awesome, you are awesome, the board awesome and I’m kind of awesome too” stuff, that needed to stabilize the (sinking?) ship.

“It’s The Headhunting Firm Fault! (I’m Totally Ethical)”

I think that what was the last stroke in this story which pissed off Yahoo board (and the rest of the world that cares about ethics) is that Thompson tried to put all the blame of his resume “inadvertent error” on the headhunting firm head, which dealt with his move to eBay many years ago.

Really Thompson??? It was the headhunting firm fault???

Wow, after you mentioned that, it suddenly seems so logical… The firm obviously has a clear intention of changing biographical details… It’s not like you had MILLION chances to check the facts… Why should you take the hit when you can just put the blame on others? It’s not like there are other jobs at risk… You are so honest and full with values… Can you please stay as CEO? Yahoo board should have given you a raise, not a kick out the door…

Fu*ck off.

The Future

I don’t know Ross Levinsohn. I don’t know if he has what it takes to bring Yahoo back to growth and innovation. I don’t know if he can inspire motivation in Yahoo’s embittered low morale employees. I don’t know if he’s capable of renovating Yahoo’s pitiable public image. I don’t even know how long he’ll stay as interim CEO.

But what I do know that at this point, Yahoo needs a revolutionary, creative, inspiring, innovative and crazy enough leader to fix the company. Steve Jobs-Mark Zuckerberg-Jeff Bezos-William Wallace kind of guy. I don’t believe that less than that will be sufficient. As you probably realizes, there aren’t many guys such as those out there.

What I do expect from ANY interim/permanent CEO (yes, I’m talking about you Levinsohn!) is to end the pathetic patents lawsuit against Facebook. Stop bothering REAL innovative tech companies and go back to be such as this yourself.