Anthony Morrison’s Complaints Code

Anthony Morrison Evil EyesSuch as any other sociopathic male courtesan, Anthony Morrison likewise adores fucking his credulous “students” (aka “Gimme Your Money, Patsies!”) hard and deep… it’s their green savviness odor he finds so irresistibly alluring and their green cotton-made papers he covets to fiendishly guzzle.

So alongside bartering the scapegoats to boiler rooms, ghoulish Anthony is also fond of promoting the impoverishing dregs of other marauders… and to scrape his own small coupon derived from the afflictions of the dupes. And you can be sure there won’t be any It’s Not Your Fault teacher-student heartrending moments here.

Hence, when some audacious pigeon dares to publicly complain, it must be promptly euthanized and concealed so no other fowl would get any silly uprising ideas. But sometimes… sometimes the perished bird’s chirp would chant once more.

Anthony Morrison Doesn't Care

The aforementioned post had appeared briefly on Anthony Morrison’s Facebooks until he mercilessly squelched it. Because fuck Mr./Ms. ***** who has acutely been fucked and was solely agonizingly mulling on what the fuck could he/she/they do. AntPhony wishes the commoners would merely remain Comfortably Numb in silence since there’s definitely nobody in there.

Recently, the way-too-many-aeons perfidious hellion has been endorsing and nurturing a blatant scam called Mobile Money Code, which essentially declares it could magically fling your mere destitute being right into the Carlos Slim’s telecom empire throne with an “OMG, OMG, it’s so easy to profit!” automated software. Quite sadly, however, the gullible consumer ultimately realizes Mobile Money Code is actually closer to another Carlos.

Here’s a concise synopsis of the process in which the prey is being led from “Auspicious Luck” to “Ominous Fuck”:

  1. Anthony Morrison tells you that you MUST MUST MUST buy Mobile Money Code because it’s totally the bomb right now and all the big shot experts are wielding it.
  2. You watch the stupidest video in the history of mobile, money and codes where fake actors pretend they make fake money with fake software.
  3. After you acquire this dung of a product, you are immediately persuaded to buy three more complementary pieces of ordure if you “really are that serious and want to make it online” for hundreds more dollars.
  4. You don’t make any money and right after you stew yourself a bit in the Soup of Shame you decide to get your money back.
  5. You send a message to Mobile Money Code, asking for the refund it promised to endow but you’re only redirected to a web page proffering “Special Training Bonus” (hurrah!).
  6. You call the toll-free number but no one answers because nobody gives a shit about your galling agony.
  7. You leave a message to Anthony Morrison but he ignores you and deletes your cries for inequity because for him you’re nothing more than a pocket with contact information he can sell to boiler rooms.
  8. You discover this awesome website and regret you hadn’t found it before you were screwed by the emissaries of Apollyon.

Anthony Morrison may have been unwaveringly erasing justified grievances on his web properties… but here’s one post he cannot touch.