The Spam Attack of Emuaid

Spam Attack on ComputerEmuaid is a fraud health company, disgracefully abusing the desperation of the ill for personal plunder. The company’s overlords, la familia Nicolo, crow that they received FDA approvals for their rickety “remedies” but that’s just another lie out of many.

Emuaid first attracted my unwelcome attention after Matthew Nicolo and his fake lab coat have obtusely commented on a post about a person who was convicted for… selling bogus health products. A pretty dumb move if you attempt to barter muck health products yourself…

Now, the Nicolos have thrust my heed toward their enormities once again… it seems like they practically beg me to write another article about their felonious activities, and for me this is pretty much an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Recently, I have discovered that an exceptionally large number of spam links are beginning to point at GlancingWeb and especially to the first post about Emuaid. Here’s one typical example of those kinds of spam links over some forum:

Emuaid Spam Forum Links

Notice how the URLs to the Emuaid’s post receive a special conspicuity inside this spammy forum thread- one regular link and additional two (which didn’t convert into hyperlinks) with the anchor text “emuaid.”

Here’s another example of a spam link, this time from some blog comment (needless to say that the comment itself was utterly irreverent to the article):

Emuaid Blog Spam

I almost immediately realized that someone is trying to manipulatively degrade GlancingWeb’s search rankings (specifically the Emuaid article) by wielding a wretched tactic called “negative SEO,” in which the spammer is bombing the web with septic links with the hope that Google would ultimately demote the target’s rankings.

But who oh who would attempt to do something like this? Probably only somebody that already been burned himself by mistakenly executing negative SEO on his own website…

Emuaid Black Hat 1

Indeed, it’s a big mystery who might want to eliminate a pretty condemning article about his company by using foul spamming activity that most likely damaged his own website in the past…

Emuaid Black Hat 2

In addition to those couple of Emuaid’s absurd efforts to promote the company’s website, there are hundreds of thousands of similar spammy links like those all over the Internet. Funnily enough, sometimes even on the same page they are now striving to damage my article about them.

Google’s anti-spam boss Matt Cutts says that it’s very difficult to carry out a successful negative SEO attack against another website nowadays, but if someone really concerned about it he could utilize Google’s disavow links tool which tells the search engine whenever hurtful links might be directed to his website.

I guess that now we shall see if Google (and its tool) is indeed truly immune to those sorts of attacks…

Anyway, my dear Nicolo crime family… you just got yourself another nice article about yourselves, stating that you are not only vile scammers dancing over the maladies of the sick, but also odious spammers. Great job marketing geniuses!

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