Dumbly Blogging About Dumb Blogging

Ryan Deiss Pretty DumbWhy Blogging Is Dumb is a pretty dumb thing to say if you are a long time dumb bilker who pushes his dumb flopportunities through a dumb blog. But Ryan Deiss has done it anyway because he’s smart. Kiddin’! Because he’s dumb. Like, really dumb. And an asshole.

But when it comes to blogging, creating the actual content is the least important part of the equation…

Content is NOT king

Solid point, Ryan! If the most cardinal basic essence of your aspiring endeavor is to create actual content then you shouldn’t do it! This is like a carpenter that insanely builds chairs and tables and desk drawers and other carpentry stuff for a living! This is lunacy I tell you! Lunacy!

Wait… that doesn’t sound right… perhaps I didn’t truly comprehend why Ryan is dumbly blogging about dumb blogging.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter that you’re writing Pulitzer quality blog posts, if no one’s reading them. That’s because, to turn the popular saying on its head, content isn’t king… traffic is.

Oh, now everything is so lucid and bright! Before you write and publish your prodigiously quality treatises, you should obtain traffic! That makes so much sense… first you do @#!$*&%, then you get muchos trafficos and only then you post your articles! Thanks absolutely-not-dumb Ryan!

And because Ryan is so altruistic and totally not operating out of purely self-interests, he also grants all you callow bloggers a genuine example: The Huffington Post.

Regardless of how you feel about the site’s politics, the folks at HuffPo have figured something out. They’ve learned how to leverage OPT [other people’s traffic] to generate massive revenues.

Did you know that they don’t even pay most of the celebrity writers?

So this is the big secret for forever and ever blogging profits… OPT! You just need to get all those celebrity writers to write for you pro bono and then, boom, $315 million! And I foolishly thought that Ryan was about to state something really stupid!

And if this dumb strategy wouldn’t work out for you (being astonishingly dumb and all), on his Facebooks Ryan recommends you to behold the dumbest infographic ever created in the history of infographics, of info and of graphic.

OPC + R = T

Okay, so if you inexplicably couldn’t persuade all those big-shot writers to write for you for free, Ryan has a solution for that as well! Plainly copy their content! You’re, like, copying their articles and they, like, would say “YAY! This super-not-ridiculous site has copied my articles, everyone should visit it and buy its shit and stuff!”

And the Googles certainly won’t give a fuck about that too! Because as any $300 billion company knows, scraped content is totally the best concoction for = TRAFFIC

So smart, Ryan! You’re so fucking smart and not-dumb! Everybody should buy your scammy crap TODAY!

Brought to you by DigitalMarketer – it’s just smarter.

  • http://alekseyzuravlov.com/ Aleksey Zuravlov

    Apparently, Mr. Ryan thought that it would be a saving move and removed his post (or changed permalink structure), so now your link lands on his homepage.

    @Craig Carbol – “Only part of the equation you seem to be missing is having content that actually adds value to other people&#039s lives….”

    He doesn’t. You’re just looking from the wrong angle.

  • Alok

    You have completely missed the point, OPC doesn’t mean copying content it just means paying other people to write for you. Do your research properly before you malign anybody’s name, you pathetic loser.

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      No … you missed the point, and the most important one no less- that Ryan is a fucking scammer with no soul. He operates as the front of Perry Belcher who sold fake medicine for sick people … and would have continued to do so unless he would have not got caught. Those are the type of heartless demons you defend? Are you some sort of monster yourself?

      So you do your research properly, you inexplicably enraged douche … and stick with your 2win endeavors.

      • Alok

        Hi Omri, my company Contests2Win.com was bought by Disney.Do you have even iota of credentials ?
        You are a loser, mentally retarded and sick individual who writes for stupid revenge because you are divorcee and going to lose your child’s custody.
        You are a proven child molester and incredibly failed fucking failure.

        • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

          You have just made two serious mistakes in one short comment, dumb-dumb:

          1. Your blatant overreaction makes me suspect that you are bathing deep in the scam cesspool.

          2. Your aforementioned statements about me constitute as a clear (and easy) case of defamation.

          To summarize your stupidity: Not only that you gave me a reason to investigate your fraud connection and post anything I’d find, but you also graciously gave me the legal shield in case you would do something really stupid thereafter.

          Thank you, douchebag … we might meet again soon.

          • alok

            Loser Douchebag.
            How much you earn from this blog ?
            $1.054/month. Get some floor cleaning job.

          • Alok

            Hey Loser Omri Shabat,
            How much money you really make by writing this ?
            You are the front face of Salty Droid who is a douchebag lawyer banned for life.
            How can you justify that Omri ?