Death Threats and Contract Killers

Contract KillerWhen you uncover and debunk some extremely vile psychotic sociopaths and their fraudulent atrocities, you should expect them to act like the vile psychotic sociopaths that they are. It’s just their natural deranged character to carry themselves insanely with their victims and moreover with those who expose them.

So I guess it shouldn’t be such a big surprise that I’ve found a message like this one in my email account from an anonymous source [everything sic]:

I know where u live jew. Isreal. I have yr address. Ever heard of Tor? How bout Bitcoins? $500 now and $500 when I get the pics of your broken hands. There are arabs lining up to do it. Keep talkin shit. Its hard to type with broken hands.

Awww … that’s not so nic e… and kinda racist to anybody who resides in the Holy Land too! Some douchebag thought it would be a good idea to physically threaten me so I’ll stop from unveiling what kind of scum he and his delinquent friends are. Personally I was disappointed, I always reckoned my filmed battering would be worth much more than a measly $1,000!

For those of you who don’t know what the hell Tor or Bitcoin are, here’s an incredibly concise explanation: Tor is a software-based system which designed to enable untraceable anonymous browsing online. Bitcoin is a web-based digital currency which allows untraceable anonymous transactions online.

Because the guy who threatened me is too much of a chickenshit to face me directly identified, he preferred to brandish anonymous technological systems so it just might deter me from hilariously divulging frauds and scams in which he’s so much nastily entwined with.

I obviously didn’t comply to the first cowardly message and soon enough a second funky email from the same anonymous source has found its way into my inbox (I obscured the email and the web address mentioned in the message):

Peep this, homie. Only 7k to plant you faggot.

Hitman for Hire

Email: *******

We are an organized criminal group, former soldiers and mercenaries from the FFL, best trained, with military experience more 5th years. We can perform hits within all world…

Web = https://***************

Okay you foolish craven, you got my attention. But guess what? I wield a few technical skills myself … and even though you did everything that this daft mind of yours had conjured in order to hide your true identity, you still left a pretty solid breadcrumb trail for me to find you. And so I have … and you’re indeed one stupid ass scammer.

But this time, rather than uncovering your swinish identity I’m actually gonna let the proper law enforcement agencies to deal with you now (and I submitted to quite a few of them ALL the details about you, your criminal ventures and your death threats).

Death threat emails and contract killer messages in order to silence me? Ha! I think someone had mistaken me for the flippant guy who just wanted to play a little game all along and nothing more …

Now that I’ve collided in person with the sort of feral menace to society those scoundrels actually are, I’m more determined than ever to go after each and every one of these swindling fucks who would trigger my ScamRadar.

And just a little observation for you my personal soon-to-be-fettered cur, don’t you think it’s kinda ironic that with all the guises and masks you usually conceal yourself behind in public, you ultimately emerged in your truest nature to me?