Anonymous Seeks Hollywood Balance (Because, Fuck Tom Cruise)


…Because, fuck Tom Cruise.

Yep, this is totally happening. The hacktivist collective (or whatever the fuck you want to define it) Anonymous doesn’t want you to watch the forthcoming film of CuckooCruise, Oblivion, and our fake outer space sources tell us Xenu is pretty pissed off because he’s so totally real and stuff.

But the bigger story here isn’t Tom Cruise, nor how deranged he is (seriously, how screwed up you have to be to believe secret scriptures by a fucking science fiction author?). The story is about the old vs the new. The story is about the past vs the future. The story is about despotism vs anarchism. The story is about balance.

Wherever and whenever balance is being eroded and drifted away toward one side of the scale immoderately then phenomena such as Anonymous would always keep outcrop, because balance is what we need and sooner or later balance is what we shall have. Balance is inescapable, we yearn for it, it’s carved deep inside our human nature.

Modernization has brought along wonderful things like the Internet, tablets, smartphones and affordable wide-screen HD televisions. People don’t want to consume movies solely through the movie theaters in a beforehand dictated time anymore. They want it in their own desired time, their own chosen place and through their own preferable device.

Most of the folks from Hollywood have yet to comprehend this evolution it seems, as they keep insisting on their old business models which have already swayed into irrelevancy. This is why pirate sites thrive so much and confer such an immense popularity. It’s simply the natural way for balance.

Hollywood, from its side, attempts to push ultra-stringent legislation that would re-sustain their ancient systems rather than adapt newfangled models which perhaps may prove to become more prosperous than ever before.

And so, this #OpNoShow by Anonymous is now on the go, commencing with the film Oblivion (Because, fuck Tom Cruise).

Anonymous #OpNoShow

Whether this operation would carry any success or not, that really depends on… the balance. If enough people would sense that they cannot abide any longer with the current status quo then maybe #OpNoShow would convince them to ostracize themselves from watching Oblivion in theaters (coming out on April 19th).

If the general consensus would outweigh that the contemporary state is still tolerable then people would continue to not give a fuck about anti-Hollywood operations by Anonymous, as it already occurred on #OpBlackMarch from last year. It’s all about this balance thing. And of course…

…Because, fuck Tom Cruise.