Targeting Anik Singal’s IMtarget

Anik Singal Serious OafBreaking news! Breaking News! BREAKING FUCKING NEWS! Anik Singal just launched a new ramshackle product camouflaged as a golden goose whereas the gold is actually just shit and the goose is actually just shit and Anik is actually just shit.

If I’ve managed to convince you to buy this rickety piece of dung called IMtarget (AKA IM Target), please click on my affiliate link and purchase it so I would be able to collect my beautiful venal commissions like all the other motherfucking wantons are currently doing, regardless to what rattletrap they aggressively wangle to the commoners.

No? You wish to read a God’s honest review about Anik’s latest dupery that is IMtarget first? Okay my callow friends… here it is just for you:

IMtarget is a fraud. Damn! Probably shouldn’t have started with it right at the beginning! I can now bid my farewell to build up the tension and shit. Oh well… if I already sabotaged it, I might as well recite these avowals: IMtarget is a scam. IMtarget is a swindle. IMtarget is a rip-off. Anik Singal is stupid. More keywords for SEO.

Anik Singal Lies
Affiliate link to IMtarget

Alright, so I can’t just sit here and watch anymore. All these promotions and these things about one-click rich software, these empty promises and fake income proofs. What makes it worse is that everyone is selling you the same rehashed outdated junk, junk that really does not work.

Says Anik Singal on the video pitch for IMtarget as he promotes one-click rich software with empty promises and fake income proofs as he rehashes the same outdated junk, junk that really does not work and won’t work in approximately the forthcoming two billion years.

IMtarget is exactly the same fucking scam as the one Anik spawned a year ago called IMLobby… he didn’t even bother about intrinsically changing the name… names are so hard! Especially for such a grand dimwit like Anik! And because I’m in such mirthful spirits (becoming an uncle and all), let me succor you with some moniker suggestions, you mighty oaf:

  • Automatic Beguiling
  • AniCrap
  • FTC Instigator
  • HopeSnare
  • SinGull

And due to my extreme awesomeness, here are also a few tagline proposals you could attach as well:

  • Overpriced Shit You Could Find Anywhere for Free
  • The Product?! Who Gives a Shit About That?!
  • Bunch of Indians Speaking in Dialect Nobody Understands
  • Buy Now, Cry Later
  • WordPress Replica, Only Pricey

Anik Singal More Lies

Buy IMtarget through my affiliate link

And I didn’t even mention the best part… the cherry on the cake… fill out your personal details, order IMtarget now and the next boiler room representative will call you ASAP to guzzle the remaining funds in your diminishing bank account!

With Anik Singal there never really is a product, except… you. You are the product. You are the commodity. You are the stocks and wares and goods that exchange hands unwaveringly between cads such as Anik and wringing rackets. They will sell you a dream… and suck your vitality to the full.

I already can’t wait for our next correspondence, Anik. Or perhaps not really.

Affiliate link to purchase IMtarget

  • Asi

    Dumb-shit, uh I mean Anik, is at it again. Now he has a product, out of the blue mind you, that is called the Future Of Wealth. He brags about making millions, then losing it due to some conspirators, but now he can show you how your own mind is poisoning you and how to get back using his formula which shows you how to whip you mind into shape. Although it’s only $47 (with an upsell to $97/mo), I think as he reinvents himself as a “mind” guru, the sheep will surely follow this dribble.

    • Omri Shabat

      Thanks for the tip … I’ve checked it out and even though AniCrap is indeed bullshitting about bogus mind guruism rather than bogus marketing guruism (both of which he knows shit about), it’s essentially the same “I will teach you how to copulate with a luscious pixie” scammy hogwash.

      What promptly piqued my attention, though, is the “Your Privacy is 100% Assured. Your Details Will Never Be Shared With Anyone” statement on the manipulative landing page. I guess that disclosing your partnership with felonious boiler rooms such as Prosper is not worthy enough for fake gurus.

      To be continued …

  • Aleksey Zuravlov

    Omri, please fix your “affiliate link”. I want to see the video :D