Emuaid – Aiding the Poor and Sick Become Poorer and Sicker

Emuaid SufferingsHere’s a quick no-brainer lesson for all you swindling d-bags out there: If you are a motherfucking scammer who seeks to prowl in peace, don’t comment on anti-scam sites. You don’t really want to draw the ScamHunter’s attention, do you?

But of course if you needed someone to spell this obvious lesson out for you to begin with, you’re probably just too stupid to realize how stupid your stupid actions are stupid.

From my comment section on the post about the sexist pig Perry Belcher [update: the comment was deleted by the scammer]:

Emuaid Matthew Nicolo Comment

Why, hello there Matthew Nicolo, Director at Emuaid! First of all, let me thank you for your kind words! Comparing me to the top slayer of fraudsters is a flattery of the highest order I’ve received to date! Although I do sense you didn’t mean to be so amiable …

Anyways, I also want to express my gratitude for marking so nicely this big X over your fake lab coat and your fake health products manufacturer company … a similar fraud company to the one swinish Perry was condemned for! You scoundrels need to watch each other backs I suppose.

Matthew’s papa, Richard Nicolo, is the founder of this family’s WileBiz and according to his super-glorious (and super-bogus) Our Founder page:

All EMUAID® products are manufactured in an FDA registered Over-the-Counter Drug, Homeopathic Drug and Medical Device facility.

Nope. There isn’t any FDA-approved record of Emuaid anywhere … nor could it practically be because the FDA says:

FDA does not “approve” health care facilities, laboratories, or manufacturers.

Wait a stinky fucking moment … if Richard firmly proclaims one thing that couldn’t be possible even if his phony company would have attempted to certify (which NEVER actually happened) that makes him … what exactly?

But perhaps the first clue for the dubiousness of Emuaid as a legitimate health company could emerge from the mere fact that you can’t find its otiose products in any drugstore … you know how painstakingly fussy does drugstore owners could sometimes be when they don’t want to lose their business license and all! Cowards!

And if you already lie, cheat and bamboozle while nobody wants to sell your fake crap, you might as well gallop the whole nine yards with your bullshit proclamations.

We are so confident in the healing powers of EMUAID® that we guarantee you’ll experience less inflammation, less itching, and less pain within the first 24 hours of use.

Oh thank you almighty EmuaidGod for bestowing upon us the great healing powers of your never-ending spellbound competence! Only you could bode and vouch for such dicey prophecies with such immense certainty! Please accept these dwindling funds of ours in exchange to your so-totally-real-and-not-jugglery remedies!

… Like for RealZ!

Emuaid had already been entangled with invalid promises toward the sick and the ailing before. In May 2012, after a tumultuous uproar by many who suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) and which had bought Emuaid’s hogwash, Richard Nicolo has released an “I’m so like really sorry, it so like won’t happen again” tattered apology.

But the only thing Richard truly repents is being publicly grilled by those he had flagrantly and very much deliberately abused and betrayed plainly for the sake of padding his own family’s pockets. Matthew and Richard Nicolo don’t give a shit about people’s health. Their products are unproven and uncertified. Emuaid is a fraud. And this rascal family already working on a new health product scam called … Silvexa.

Matthew Nicolo, I dare you to comment on my site again you sick motherfucker.

    • Ivan

      It was my impression Mr. Omri is only trying to call out those who prey on unfortunate people in desperate circumstances.

      You’re right, scientific evidence has proven many homeopathic medicines are effective.

      However, they aren’t regulated as other drugs by the FDA (due to loopholes) for manufacturing, expiration, or even concentration dose.

      Furthermore, “reputable” professional pharmaceutical companies cannot patent or profit, from say, aloe vera or reishi mushrooms, so have no interest in homeopathy. Your issue with customs is likely a result of their lobbyists helping to elect politicians who pass laws to protect the sale of their patented drugs (more so than the recipient.)

      The consequence is parts of homeopathy have become a “grey market” unsafe for patients with incurable conditions. And, at least in my opinion, transparency & clear honesty would be integral for their safety.

    • Maryann Lieberman

      So you got it for free and are trashing them every chance you get??? I guess no good deed goes unpunished. This is a miracle product that has helped many people that I personally know. Maybe you should keep your fat mouth shut rather than discouraging people from trying a product that has a full money back guarantee.

      • Dr. Shipman

        So Maryann, if I give you herpes completely free, you’re not allowed to trash it, me, or discourage anyone from getting it.
        Fine, ok. Herpes was a bad example. And you probably have it already.
        Let’s say.. mercury. Ingest that and your every worry go away (eventually)!
        What, not accepting my free, unbiased help? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!??!?
        No good deed goes unpunished indeed…

    • tim

      haha you got paid 4 this

  • lynn

    Ih I have hs and was just going to buy this think you for posting and saving time and money . do any of no any thing that does help

    • http://www.glancingweb.com/ Omri Shabat

      You should really consult with a doctor regarding such matters … and definitely not a fake medical company.

      • dave

        Really! Your a doctor, scientist, Or a trouble maker!

  • duffw31

    I freaked out when I found out my daughter had Molluscum because some people said that their child had it for 3-4 years. I have 3 kids and couldn’t imagine this sticking around that long and passing from kid to kid. The EmuaidMax was everything I dreamed it would be. While I was waiting for it to come in the mail, I treated the Molluscum with Tea Tree Oil twice per day. It seemed to dry them out and they looked like they were going away slowly. Once the Emuaid arrived, I continued to use the tea tree oil as well as the Emuaid. The combination of these two treatments knocked it out in under a month. It is so important to be consistent with it. To keep it from spreading to my other kids or kids at school, I put her in pants everyday (hers was on her lower half). I also wore gloves to apply the treatment and washed her clothes, bath towels and sheets regularly.It really works and is worth the money.

    • Lou Lou

      Hi there! I just Googled “emuaid not working” and came across this and saw your comment on here. I have a 4 & 6 yr old, both with molluscum. Started with just one tiny dot. Now the tiny dot one is larger and there’s like 10-15 more tiny ones surrounding it. I know the dr brushed it off and said not to worry they go away on their own, but I ordered the emuaid about a month ago to see what it would do. It hasn’t done a darn thing!! Although, it says 3-4 times a day and I only get it on them twice. Maybe that could be the problem? I’m about to quit and save it for burns etc instead haha.

    • Lou Lou

      Hi there! I just Googled “emuaid not working” and came across this and saw your comment on here. I have a 4 & 6 yr old, both with molluscum. Started with just one tiny dot. Now the tiny dot one is larger and there’s like 10-15 more tiny ones surrounding it. I know the dr brushed it off and said not to worry they go away on their own, but I ordered the emuaid about a month ago to see what it would do. It hasn’t done a darn thing!! Although, it says 3-4 times a day and I only get it on them twice. Maybe that could be the problem? I’m about to quit and save it for burns etc instead haha.

  • Fansai


  • Fansai

    My toe nail is infected

  • d.r.goodie

    I try any and everything for psoriasis. “No stone unturned” is my mantra. I would rather waste thousands on products that don’t work or work temporarily than do nothing. This is controversial enough that I think it is worth a try (i.e. a lot of good reviews that are believable to me and that is all that counts with me.).

    • thedrake

      Did it do anything for your psoriasis ?

  • David

    I beg to differ Mr. Omar Shitbat. I’m using my second tub of Emuaid and it’s a miracle. Only societal drones think that the only viable remedies come from major drug companies.

  • kate

    can you buy this in a chemist?

  • Didmyhomework

    Your artical is offensive to say the very least. Not only to the head of the company but to those of us who actually wasted our time to read it! You say that they are not a valid company, not certified by the “FDA”. Well I have news for you sir, the FDA itself is a major scam if you would do your homework you would see that Obama just appointed Michael Taylor, who was Vice President of a company named Monsanto (this company is the Main cause of most of our health problems in america) in charge of The FDA. Plus, who validated you and YOUR article? How did you even come to the conclusion that the stuff didn’t work? Did YOU do blind-studies on multiple people to see if it worked? Did you test the product or send it off to a “certified” facility to see if what they said was actually what was in it? I’m guessing no since you didn’t provide any facts or websites to support your “theory” or “hypothesis”. Where did you even go to school? I have never seen such vulgar languages used in an artical from ucdavis, Berkeley, or Stanford. All I know is with my moms stage 4 bedsore which those hardly ever heal, it actually healed it pretty quickly. And no, I was not payed by the emu aid company to comment. If you want to think that, fine. If you folks want to listen to this prick, that’s completely up to you. But, I’m telling you, you are missing out. Like so many people have said, there is no one product that works for everyone and there never will be because everyone’s body is different, but if you want to listen to this guy over spending $20 just to try it, ok then stay in the dark, in pain, and without hope, that’s your choice. But just remember if it looks like a douchebag and quacks like a douchebag then it probably is a douchebag. Good luck folks. At least I am not naive enough to listen to this horrendous article.

    • Tania

      prick? Where did you even go to school?

  • Michelle

    After looking around I found EMUAID. I rubbed EMUAID on my lower leg 4 to 5 times a day, thin coats rubbing in until my leg absorbed it in. The redness , dryness, dicomfort is completely gone, yeah it is gone . $48. Is alot to spend , I do admit that, but it really cleared my cellulitus up on my leg. I have a difficult time with taking antibiotics, so spending a few extra $$ didn’t seem so far fetched. I already ordered a second jar which I plan to always keep in my nightstand drawer. EMUAID states on the box to help with cellulitus and other problem skin issues , and I truly believe it. It may not help everyone , some claim it is just to expensive. As for me it most definitely gets two thumbs up along with my apprecation that a company ACTUALLY CARES. Cellulitus can lead to so many problems , so $48. Was nothing to spend. THANKS FOR READING, BYE.

    • Gunny brown

      Cellulitis is a Staffacocal (sp?) infection in the tissue and can only be treated and cured with antibiotics. Not a cream you rub on to your skin. Cellulitis can kill you if not treated. Do you know that you had cellulitis or was this just a run of the mill skin itch?

  • Jane Arnold

    You ought to be ashamed of this, you are very wrong about this company and product…This is an excellent product that far exceeded my expectations. I bought the first jar for my mom who had a rash on her leg for three weeks when she called it to my attention. I also purchased the bar of soap for her. I used both products on her twice a day and the healing that took place was dramatic. Her leg had previously looked like she was and burn victim and now her leg is healing beautifully and the skin is turning a healthy pink.

    At the same time as my moms rash, I broke out with a raw red rash all over my face. I washed with the bar of soap that is recommended and applied the product on my face twice a day for two days. The rash was 1/2 gone after day 1 and completely gone after day two.

    While this product is expensive, it works…and that’s the defining difference for me. I wholeheartedly recommend this product!! Its hard to take someone who uses such language very seriously.

  • Ronniewrench

    My wifes psoriasis is painful to her. Emuaid has allowed it to give her great relief although not for extended amounts of time. It is a little expensive but if it makes her suffering less I will stand by her for it. I have a small patch of psoriasis or something on my left leg just above the knee so I will try it there and know for my ownself. This guy needs to watch his language. The use of obsenity is the sign of a weak mind attempting to express itself in a strong fashion.