Top Mobile Web Properties March 2012 – Google and Facebook Dominates

In times where the mobile internet threatens to take over the throne from desktop at some point in the next few years (in some regions it will happen this year), it is interesting to recognize which are the biggest mobile internet players.

The online research company, comScore, has introduced its new mobile measurement service Mobile Metrix 2.0 which designated to provide more accurate and detailed reporting of mobile users behavior across mobile browsers and apps. The first report elaborates which are the top mobile sites, apps and social networks.

Most Visited Smartphone Properties

The report reveals that in March there were 97 million visitors (over 18 years of age) to mobile properties from smartphone devices in the U.S. where 81.5% of them are using apps and only 18.5% mobile browsers. This reflects the unequivocal preference of users to use apps instead of browsers from smartphones.

When diving into specific companies’ properties, we’ll discover that Google dominates the mobile arena as well as in desktop. Google sites had in March nearly 94 million visitors from smartphones, higher by more than 20% from the second, Facebook, with 78 million visitors.

Yahoo, which keeps producing negative headlines in the real world, is third with 66.2 million monthly smartphone visitors and the online retail giant Amazon is fourth with 44 million visitors. Wikimedia sites (mostly Wikipedia) had 39.1 million visitors, slightly over Apple with 38.3 million.

More prominent smartphone companies are the app creator Cooliris (28.5 million visitors), AOL network (28 million visitors) and the game makers Zynga (26.6 million visitors) and Rovio (25.1 million visitors). Microsoft, which ranked second for desktop, is only 14th with 24 million smartphone visitors.

  1. Google – 94 Million Visitors
  2. Facebook – 78 Million Visitors
  3. Yahoo – 66.2 Million Visitors
  4. Amazon – 44 Million Visitors
  5. Wikimedia Foundation – 39.1 Million Visitors
  6. Apple – 38.3 Million Visitors
  7. Cooliris – 28.5 Million Visitors
  8. AOL – 28 Million Visitors
  9. eBay – 27 Million Visitors
  10. Zynga – 26.6 Million Visitors
  11. Twitter – 25.6 Million Visitors
  12. Rovio – 25.1 Million Visitors
  13. The Weather Channel – 24.1 Million Visitors
  14. Microsoft – 24 Million Visitors
  15. ESPN – 23.3 Million Visitors

Top Mobile Apps For iOS and Android

In March, there were 53.4 million visitors for Android apps and 32.7 million visitors for iOS apps. Not surprisingly, the most visited app property for both platforms was the platform’s app center- iTunes for iOS with 32.6 million visitors and the Android Market (which already became Google Play) with 49.7 million visitors.

On the app arena, Google has almost complete control- It holds two out of the five top iPhone apps (Maps and YouTube) and four out of the five top Android apps (Android Market, search, Maps and Gmail). Facebook app is third of iOS and fifth for Android. Here are the top 5 apps for each platform:

Top Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Popular Mobile Social Networks

Facebook easily rules the mobile social networking arena (browsers and apps combined) with 78 million visitors and with the highest level of user engagement- 441 average minutes per visitor. Twitter is second among the examined social networks with 25.6 million visitors and 114 minutes per visitor.

Ever though LinkedIn is third with 7.6 million visitors it had the lowest engagement level among the five selected social networks- Only less than 13 average minutes per visitor. The photo-based sharing phenomenon Pinterest had 7.5 million visitors and almost 53 average minutes per visitor.

Foursquare, which posted lately it has 20 million visitors, had 5.5 million visitors and very impressive engagements level of nearly 146 minutes per visitor. Tumblr blog network had 4.5 million visitors and over 68 average minutes per visitor.

Note that comScore doesn’t offer data on other popular social networks like Google+ or Instagram which reported to have over 50 million members.

Popular Mobile Social Networks