Tumblr Presents The “Storyboard” Hub To Feature Creative Stories Of Talented Bloggers

What makes Tumblr special among all other blogging platforms is its unique approach towards creativity. It offers bloggers a real “artistic” interface and design and by that attracts so many of them to be creative which eventually allures tons of visitors.

Today, Tumblr is announcing on the launch of a new hub that perfectly aligns with its artistic culture. The hub, called Storyboard, will highlight some of Tumblr’s greatest gifted and creative bloggers and also their stories on a daily basis.

Already back on February it has been revealed that Tumblr hired for a new mysterious “real journalism” project, the two reputable journalists Chris Mohney (as editor in chief) and Jessica Bennett (as executive editor). Christopher Price will be Completing Tumblr’s editorial team as editorial director and the trio will run the Storyboard hub.

The Storyboard hub essentially purposed to constitute as some sort of online magazine that will expose the viewers for high quality and beautiful contents of talented creators and for interesting stories that being published across Tumblr’s giant blog network.

For example, today the Storyboard is featuring a story (among a few others) from the executive editor Jessica Bennett (just to set high standards I guess) about R.E.M’s legendary artist Michael Stipe which also includes a very interesting (but too short!) video interview.

Storyboard Story Michael Stipe

From first impression, Storyboard as an online magazine for the blog network appears as pretty awesome. However, it can’t answer the need for a better content discovery feature across Tumblr, like an efficient search capability or even some social “what’s hot?” trends or something like that.

And that’s too bad, because many of Tumblr’s nearly 55 million blogs and 23 billion posts are amazing and with all due respect to Storyboard it simply can’t reveal significant amount of contents for more than 140 million Tumblr’s monthly visitors, incredible as it possibly can be.

Anyways, being highlighted on Storyboard can be worth a gigantic level of exposure. Tumblr saying that creators that wants to suggest their work to the Storyboard editorial team, simply needs to tag the post with #storyboard hashtag. Stories that will be found as suitable for the Storyboard hub may be asked to be expanded.

Storyboard is definitely a things that fits to Tumblr’s creative culture and would certainly reinforce the blog network’s justified image as the place for the artistic-type of blogs while WordPress dominates the more professional ones.

To learn a few more details about Storyboard and get some perspective about what kind of blogs might be suitable for it, you can watch the following short video: