The Westboro Baptist Church’s Brainwash Repentance

Brainwash RepentanceSince the moment you are born, they will tell you that you’ll go to hell if you won’t follow their ways. They will tell you that all outsiders are wicked sinners and that you solely allowed to associate with other members. They will tell you that only a life of sorrow and misery awaits outside.

Merely as a child, they will make you do things. Bad things. They will persuade you that you are actually doing good, even though your basic moral logic tells you otherwise. It’s difficult to resist your family and friends when you’re just an infant and it’s hard to object either when you’re older after years of ingrained indoctrination.

That’s the only thing you had ever been taught. They are the only people you really know. Thinking differently perceived as a betrayal. And if you attempt to espouse an alternative lifestyle, they will utterly shun you. There’s no middle ground, either you’re entirely in or completely disclaimed outside.

That’s pretty much the typical life you should expect growing up inside the cult of the Westboro Baptist Church.

But in spite of the harsh repercussions of leaving the WBC, a few valiant individuals were still willing to abandon everything they had been imbued upon for the sake of living in an open society which isn’t based on hatred and fear. And after a while, some of them even feel confident enough to overtly talk about it with Anderson Cooper:

The full interview was even more riveting as Libby Phelps Alvarez described the life inside the Church, how she had been brainwashed and her eventual departure. But the peak of the show was when Anderson added the Wyatt family, which the WBC had picketed after their elder son Sterling died in Afghanistan.

“My first thing in my heart was, ‘how could they?'” said Sherry Wyatt as Libby choked with tears in the background. Event though Libby herself was already out of the Church when it picketed the Wyatt family, she could barely squeeze a stirring “I’m sorry.”

When Libby referred to the deeds she had done while she was still a member of the WBC she said “I just thought we were doing the right thing.” That’s what the fucking Westboro Baptist Church does with its brainwash, it makes good people such as Libby which aren’t hateful in their nature to conduct hateful actions.

Libby should be saluted for having the courage to face similar people to ones she hurt in her past while today she truthfully tries to repent and assist more members to neglect this deep hole that subdues them. And that’s pretty fucking brave if you ask me.

For those WBC members who debate whether the Church’s path is the right one or not, perhaps you should listen to the message Sherry Wyatt got for you:

You are not helping us. You are not saving our souls from hell. You’re not saving us from anything. All that we get from your actions is just a show of absolute hate.