The Day When Herbalife Will Implode

Herbalife over a CliffIt would be just another ordinary day. People would be eating their breakfast, taking their kids to school, going to work, greeting each other “good morning” and jesting on last night’s South Park episode. Just another ordinary day. Or so it would seem at first, until the long-impending quake would at last firmly tremor.

The media would begin to report about the downfall of this protracted flagrancy quite suspiciously and with long strings of skepticism attached, but as inside sources would steadily confirm the dire tidings all the primary misgivings would disengage. Breaking News. Special Report. Alert.

Everybody would act like it is a huge surprise which was totally unexpected even though the writing has been on the wall for three decades. The credulous would finally comprehend that a company which had been operating for three decades could have operated deceivingly for three decades by claiming it’s here for one/two/three decades.

Wall Street would tremble and shudder. Investors would dump their stocks regardless if they had any involvement with the turmoil whatsoever, simply because they don’t trust the system anymore (again, but milder). Almost all share symbols would display prominent red as one symbol would lead the way down.

That day, one investor in particular would become extremely richer and one investor in particular would become just a tiny less wealthy (you don’t really expect he would become poor, do you?).

The company’s distributors would be shocked. Despite many have brandished before this day will come to them, only now it would genuinely percolate those warnings were justified after all. They would dolorously wonder how a company with so many customers can collapse. Then they would realize they, and no one other, were also the customers.

Even though they saw themselves as “entrepreneurs,” the company took them for the consumers albeit it told them otherwise. Real consumers never really subsisted… the sellers and the buyers were ever the same. The vendors/clients would grievously grasp that they and the clients/vendors had actually played at the exact same side all the while.

And a business model like that- even a perfidiously elaborated one- is ultimately unsustainable and it’s doomed to blight.

“How could you let this happen??” A hoarse voice of millions afflicted people would wail at the FTC, “Why didn’t you stop this before so many had fallen into the abyss of wile and deceit?? Isn’t it your whole fucking purpose of existence??”