Captain Kirk (William Shatner) Endorses Scamworld

William Shatner in ScamWorldWilliam Shatner probably owes his Hollywood career to Captain Kirk … or perhaps is it Captain Kirk who owes his interstellar famed recognition to William Shatner? The truth is that if you give the tiniest sliver of fuck about this puzzlement, you’re likely to be in the wrong online venue.

Captain Kirk (or William Shatner) could have been fondling Mr. Spock (or Leonard Nimoy) inside a clandestine chamber of the USS Enterprise all over the 60’s for all I care (go GLAAD!). What I do care however, is that the same caressing potent captain had made a guest appearance in one of the dimmest corners of the real universe.

The glorious skipper had partaken a small role in a salient Scamworld event, Traffic and Conversion Summit, which had been sired and hosted by a couple of notorious rancid pseudo-gurus of everything, Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher.

In the conference, Shatner essentially admits he knows shit about shit when it comes to the social media. “I come from a generation that doesn’t know how to type,” said the actor who once played an operator of a futuristic starship somewhere in the 2260’s, “I know that technically and virally I’m unaware.”

Oh dear Bill, you don’t even realize how much unaware you really are …

So please you mighty captain allow me to assist you … those guys which you have just legitimized? They are not truly “marketing strategists,” neither “equity consultants,” nor “conversion experts” and certainly not “marketing legends.” These are just the sort of nonsense they blurt while duping others to buy crap wrapped in a gilded mantle.

The chubby douchebeg on your left (Perry Belcher) is a convicted felon. He unscrupulously sold to thousands of people all around this globe of ours fake health products while he was very much alert to the trifling fact that they were fake health products … because he’s just that caring human being and totally not a queasy sociopath.

The yokel on your right (Ryan Deiss) is his accomplice and the front face of their mutual illicit ventures now that Perry can’t openly promote his garbage by himself due to terms he agreed upon when he was condemned. This page on Ripoff Report would probably convey Ryan’s general malodorous fragrance.

… And you have laundered those scoundrels solely by sitting next to them and mumbling some sort of rattle about the social media. But I don’t believe you genuinely grasped that you were getting paid to participate at an even of class-A assholes … after all, you have just recently discovered Reddit for God’s sake!

But that’s no excuse, you (or your PR team) should have done your due diligence and now you have put me in the awkward position where I have to tell Captain Kirk to go fuck himself.