Baccarat and One-on-One Swindling with Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau LavishKevin Trudeau is in some deep shit.

The feds are already crawling so abysmally up his felonious ass all the way through his “secret society” (if secret means pillage) the Global Information Network that he’s rumored to abscond into the land of chocolate and cheese Switzerland in order to shun himself from the gallows.

Even Kev’s old marauder-buddies Leonard Diabolus Coldwell and Peter DickWink have turned against him, claiming they totally didn’t know (Wink winks) GIN was only about usurping and plundering, and then they went to begin their own looting racket.

And just to season this entire shambles a bit more, Kevin somehow managed to transform some self-proclaimed immortal into one very much deceased mortal. That’s just one of the delightful perks you get when you embark on the Global Information Network’s annual cruise I suppose.

So yeah, Kevin Trudeau is in some deep shit.

Kevin had probably realized that if Kevin wishes to remain illicitly-relevant in this cruel world (which Kevin cruelly redounds to) then Kevin needs to step up his atrocious game. And he’s willing (as he always had) to propagate some outlandishly fatuous stuff for this noble purpose.

This is an audio that had been sent by Kevin to all GIN’s members and various affiliates. And he’s got unbelievably exciting proposal…

Make sure you listen to this entire message. But only listen to it if you are interested in making money because this message is strictly for those people who want to make money and make money right now and make money every single day starting right now with virtually no risk.

Kevin truly knows how to target his audience … he’s aiming only for those folks who want to make money, so he promptly sifts those 0.000001% who hold a stealthy desire of laboring for free. And guess what? Kevin’s offer is risk-free! And everybody knows that those sorts of opportunities totally exist!

So what is this fabulous success-guaranteed trove Kevin is rambling about anyway?


Yep, Baccarat! Kevin will teach you how to be mega-opulent and super-prosperous and ultra-rich by playing a fucking card game! In the audio, Kevin proclaims to be sooooooo good playing all those chancy games (as he’s good at everything) that if he were to told you how much money he made by playing, “You. Would. Not. Believe. It.”

And Kevin’s method of winning is actually astonishingly simple…

I can teach it to you in about five minutes. You can master it in about an hour. In other words, this is simple. I can teach it to you in five minutes and you will master it in about an hour. And that’s if you really slow. Most people master it in about fifteen minutes.

And …

The math proves that this is guaranteed to make your money. Guaranteed.

Geez Kev … I hope you aren’t just pitching unfounded untruths here because you know how niggling those FTC guys could be sometimes with everything that regards to misleading and/or false statements. And I did have a hope you weren’t charging preposterous sums for those dubious assertions of yours, however …

To learn Kevin’s magical methods you should disentangle yourself from $15,000 (fifteen thousand USD!) to participate in a freakish seminar or plainly acquire the training videos for $997, but in that case you’ll pledge to transfer $30,000 to Kevin after making your first $100,000.

It seems that Kevin had even closed the loophole for the slender chance of someone would somehow enjoy an extremely fortuitous streak.

But as the feds are on his heels, Kevin Trudeau just might need additional funds infusion. So alongside this Baccarat folly, Kevin now commences a new one-on-one mentoring program exclusively with the serial swindler himself (available at

Here’s the fresh con’s exorbitant menu:

Kevin Trudeau One-on-One BS

Even though this one-on-one venture is clearly just another way to milk his gullible followers up to the bone, it doesn’t mention any of the aforesaid statements nor any attestation similarly garish or absurd. I can only suspect that Kevin attempts to leave the real beguiling entreaties private … oops.

Kevin Trudeau is in some real deep shit.

  • trucmuch

    I was stupid. I bought his method for the baccarat. I lost a lot of money, all my savings. Thank you Mr TRUDEAU, baccarat secret is a very scam.

    • Omri Shabat

      Thanks for sharing your experience which is unfortunately just another piece in an ongoing prolonged sad tale. Hopefully, the authorities will put a stop to Trudeau’s enormities soon enough once and for all (one can hope).

  • andy

    so i heard his pitch on bacarat last night as he is re-promoting this $997 sale. Apparently, he’s banned from EVERY casino in the world because he’s so good at pilfering millions from all the casinos! And yet, he will tell you he’s flat broke and owns no assets. Never mind he has a beautiful home in Switzerland. Hmmm. And why would he live in Switzerland anyway? He’s 50 but his 22 yo “wife” runs 3 companies while remaining a F/T student? I think Trudeau and his followers deserve each other. KT is very good at hopping on bandwagons and spinning/embellishing things in his own favor. Speed reading was very popular in the 80’s. Natural cures was pretty good and no doubt has elements of truth about corruption with the pharmaceuticals. But he’s a convicted felon. He’s spent time in jail people! Why would he be allowed in boardrooms and listen in on all the “conspiracies”? this guy just makes up shit to make his case even stronger. Debt cures? expensive information available for free online. Weight loss cure? yeah, it’s called eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and avoiding junk. that’s your cure! this guy is smooth. Charismatic and a con artist to the core.
    andy h