Cooking and Curing Cancer with Leonard Coldwell and Liana Werner-Gray

Leonard Coldwell and Liana Werner-Gray

Liana Werner-Gray is the glorious Hollywood starlet that no one knows from movies that no one had ever seen like The Man in the Maze and Waterfront Nightmare. If you haven’t watched those movies yet, I urge you to hurry and not-watch them as soon as you can!

But Liana’s career as an actress (which some may refer to as “waitress”) isn’t the topic at hand. Because what Liana lacks in her fictional life on the big screen, she certainly makes up in her real life.

Liana claims that she had unambiguously vanquished cancer solely with… the power of her mind. But why stop there if you can continue to attract attention that your failing movies couldn’t? Liana firmly proclaims that “people with cancer don’t have to die if they don’t want to!”

Oh goodie! Spread the word everyone! The cure for cancer is plainly the choice not to die! You can halt all those medical researches and experiments and stuff! Folks with cancer, just say NNNOOOO!!! I wish my late grandparents could have known all of that sooner, before they mistakenly answered yes, and perished.

It’s not too much of a miracle that a perfect match from hell has been found for Liana in the devilish form of the one and only, the not-in-a-zillion-years-doctor Leonard Coldwell! Here are the two quacks spreading their devious gospel in a conversation from April 2012:

Liana says that after she had been reading a book about natural cures of another charlatan, one Kevin Trudeau, a tumor was emerged on her throat. Like every other sane human being she joyfully said “Great, I’m going to heal myself naturally!”

So after a while she decided this whole cancer thing is not working out for her anymore or whatever, and the minute she determined that, puff, no cancer! Well, not immediately you guys… don’t be stupid! Her body needed a few months to catch up to the decision in her mind, which makes a lot more sense, right?

The dialogue between the two fabulists goes on as Liana tells that people criticizing them because they want “to keep the business going.” Yeah, it’s totally not because those critics don’t wish cancer patients would die or anything.

Liana exclaims she just wants to share those affirmations with the people who have cancer so they would know “the truth” and there isn’t any other incentive for her assertions. Lenny commends her, as he obviously not thinking of taking advantage of her a little more in his own events.

Would you look at that… Liana is now speaking at the best-most-awful-never-doctor event! And not only she rehashes all of her previous tales, she has now also added her mother into this sickening fable! You must be so proud momma Werner-Gray!

And the herd of sheeple cheers and applauds and roots and claps and buys and buys and buys.

But hey, Liana doesn’t come cheap after all… she also has bills to pay and her astonishing movie career definitely won’t pay them. She can create ludicrous products too! Everybody, please say hi to the Earth Diet book! Hi burlesque book with a senseless name!

And hello there quid pro quo!

Notice what a classy guy Lenny is when he says (after about 2:30 minutes):

I’m a guy, I don’t cook you know… I wanna go somewhere where I eat something not so healthy but I don’t have to cook it myself. So you have for me this pictures here so I can find something and say ‘oh, can you please make it for me?’ or we threaten and yell. She has to make it for us. [Liana giggles in the background]

Chivalrous. Gentleman. Gallant. Dreamy. Cancer-curing. Psychopath. Lenny. [Liana giggles in the background]

  • dani

    Liana, has your book even sold a thousand copies? yah…didn’t think so! :P